How Fast Did Lucky the 2016 Tesla P90D Model X Charge at New V3 250KW Superchargers in Big Pine Key?

Does Lucky the 2016 Tesla P90D Model X achieve the fastest charge of her life at the new V3 250KW superchargers in Big Pine Key where she lives? Watch this video to find out!!!

These are the Southernmost Tesla Superchargers in the continental United States! If you are going to be driving your Tesla to Key West then you need to know all about these new superchargers just 30 miles away in Big Pine Key.

We have a full playlist of videos relating to the construction of the new V3 250KW Tesla Superchargers and all the wonderful amenities and points of interest in the Winn Dixie plaza where they are located. You will see lots of roosters and key deer in these videos! Check them out!

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  1. Attention all smart Tesla people watching this channel – please comment below and share your thoughts relating to the supercharger related questions asked in this video. Thank you!!! 😃

  2. Jen, when your 2016 model X was built, Tesla’s largest supercharger was 150 kW. Therefore, they designed your car to charge up to a 120kW rate.

    Later, you received an OTA update to raise limit to about 145 kW. You got very close to this peak number. Sorry, the hardware in your 6 year old car can handle any more power. My 2017 model S had the same limitation.

    Your high power charger in TesLUCKY is for home charging on alternating current (AC). It is dual 11 kW chargers capable of 22 kW. To use it’s full capability you need an 80 amp home charger on a 100 amp circuit. Many homes don’t have enough capacity to handle this power . Tesla discontinued this option because most home charging is overnight and speed isn’t critical.

    Your next Tesla model X will be able to charge at 250 kW. Soon, Tesla will introduce V4 Superchargers capable of 325kW or more.

  3. Excellent question. I have two questions, Jen. What was the ambient temperature in Georgia when you got over 150Kw charge rate, and when you were charging on BPK was the cooling fan running?

  4. Some of the pre-2020 Model S and X were maxed at 120 kW, but with a software update to 150 kW. I have seen 160 kW one time with my 2017 Model S with a 100 kWh battery. I can only assume another software update changed this. Now on our 2020 Model X it is "supposed" to charge up to 200 kW, we've never seen it. On v3 superchargers, each pedestal can output up to 250 kW with no sharing issue. Some chargers are really fast and others are not. I can't explain why. I have noticed (as you did) that if you arrive under 20, it has a slow ramp up, before it maxes out. Then does the long slow decline. In the Superchargers app I showed you in Tennessee, you'll see at all of my check ins, I manually enter what level my batter was at and the current temp. As they can make a difference.

  5. Did you set navigation to the SC so the battery will precondition? Maybe that will make a difference for you. Try low State Of Charge and navigate to Big Pine Key. Just a thought.