Model X Plaid 0-200 km/h in under 8 sec!

For the market that uses km/h and not mp/h here is a launch in the Tesla Model X Plaid from 0-200!
It is absolutely crazy what this car is capable of!


  1. Wow acceleration over longevity humanity is failing fossil fuels didn’t make it better anyway our best bet is H2o or ik this might sound crazy diamonds in a way isn’t that. compressed carbon basically a fuel source anything is possible we just have to believe Would say nuclear batterys but do yall remember what happened to fall out

  2. На 2 секунде, те кто с опытом вождения, пролистывают. Ещё можно дизлайк накинуть, за байт (привлечение внимания)

  3. People people. Electric motors have always behaved in this manner.
    Tesla did not magically give them that power curve.

  4. This vehicle cought my attention that I can't remember how many times I've watched this video. Like a fav song set on repeat. The accelerating speed as well as breaking speed is terrific. What a feat in the field of technology.

  5. What are we in Europe now? 200km/h?
    Just go with the bigger number it sounds better. Lol you're killing me over here

  6. Wow thats fast. I currently own a Model Y lr I got acceleration boost on it but it's not even nearly as fast as the Model X plaid. Great suv man.