Model X Ready for a Long Trailer Trip

Trailer Loaded and Model X Ready for Long trip Have a Look at the Links Below.


Charging Adaptors

Modern Spare


Tesla Model Y and 3 Drivetrain explained by Weber Auto

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You will love your Tesla

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  1. Dave, Any special reason for the X vs your Model Y? Capacity, range? Looking forward to your episodes on this trip as allways.

  2. Wow, you just came up with another great reason the charging port needs to be up front by the drivers door. I've read that before and thought it was petty and a personal choice. But this was a real bonafide reason I never thought of before! Big thumbs up 👍👍👍👍
    We gonna get those crazy out of this world Wyoming driving pictures again? Some of them look like they are from another planet?
    PS: When you have a postcard shot, do an Option F inside FCP on the timeline and it will give you a freeze frame of where the play head is. If you want to get fancy, drop in a camera shutter sound at the beginning of the freeze frame to imply a camera shot. Just keep the sound track running under the main timeline and do a CTRL-t at the END of the freeze frame to do a fade to smoothly return to the normal clip. My email is near the end of all my descriptions if you have any questions (for Dave only)

  3. I’ve never used a trailer that had the little rubber retainers on the safety chains. Never had a chain pop off while driving either

  4. Another interesting video. Thanks.
    A question….I’m fascinated by your garage floor. What is it? Epoxy? Brand name? It’s gorgeous.

  5. Hi Dave, It looks like you are ready for the long trip. That is the same size trailer that I am thinking of hauling behind my Y LR for my RC Jets. I am looking around for a v nose 4×8 trailer for next flying season. Just wondering how much of a pain it will be on long trips. We took our Y on a 3500 mile trip out to the East Coast of Canada. My family loved it, and it turned my wife from a sceptic to a believer regarding EVs. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.