I Drive The BMW iX For The First Time – Would I Buy This Over Tesla Model X?

Kyle joins Dave to teach him about this BMW EV and hear if he would consider buying one of these rigs. Learn about Dave’s first drive impressions of the new BMW iX in San Diego. Lots of facts, fun and banter to go around for all to enjoy with Dad & Son enjoying a leisurely drive in Southern California…

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Chapter Times:
0:00 – Intro
01:15 – Walkaround Tour Exterior
03:52 – Interior
06:00 – The Competition
06:57 – Range
08:35 – Would I go for this vehicle?
10:24 – Driving Impressions

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  1. Kyle always seems so annoyed with people around him in these videos haha. Like you should not have an opinion of your own.

  2. Dave, here is a suggestion. Don't do videos with Kyle. He sounds like he's tolerating being with you. He's doing a worse job tolerating his Dad than Tommy does with Roman and that's saying a lot! I enjoy your solo videos. Keep doing those or bring along your wife. She seems like a lovely lady. Kyle just isn't coming off in a positive way in this video. Just my opinion and apparently a few others in the comments.

  3. DAVE – the BMW iX is a crappy GAS based BEV from BMW who does NOT understand BEV.
    its too SLOW , too HEAVY, too inefficient and has too short RANGE.
    people are BETTER off getting the TESLA model S , its Better made than the iX.
    the MOD S handles Better too. BMW has Crappy OUTDATED Drivetrain and Computer HARDWARE and Software.

  4. I feel the same way about relax mode. Is my fav but I don’t like the instrument cluster screen. OTA updates can fix these things🤞🏾

  5. Is it truly electric from the ground up and not based on an ice chassis? I didn't think BMW did that.

  6. At some point in every father/son relationship the father becomes the son and the son becomes the father.

  7. I saw exactly same car on a street the other day and it looked really beautiful. I really loved the design. But Tesla's bms power train and software are better in general. I would not change my tesla for this car.