New Upgrades LEAKED EARLY! – Tesla Model 3 + Model Y

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Tesla accidentally leaked a few brand new models of one of their most popular cars, but are the leaks legit or a sign of something else? Let’s also explore the latest updates in the mobile connector saga, new hidden software features that have leaked out, tesla delays, order tips, and much more!

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  2. "The safe way to double your money Is to fold it over and put it in your pocket." VALERIE AILEEN BOISVERT,

  3. Reddit and Tesla forums are blowing up with this newest Tesla news regarding Tesla shipping Model 3’s without the Matrix headlights. Instead reverting back to the older ones. The issue is not all models and not even all of the same configuration have or don’t have the matrix headlights. Per usual SA is stumped, and have no idea, and have not received any communication on this situation. Recipients where not notified of the change. Not sure if Tesla figured people wouldn’t find out or care. Has anyone heard anything about this?

  4. Australia will still get the mobile connector, I heard only the USA will not have them included

  5. Please slow down when you're talking, it would make it easier to understand. Thank you.

  6. Hey Robert I’m a local SOCAL native here in newport coast. Just wanted to say keep up the great work sir. Have you considered having guests to your show? I think that could help add value, fun content and could help increase traffic. Keep it up 👍🏼

  7. You said April 20th, yet showed April 17th. I ordered April 19th and will let you know.

  8. Tesla is missing out on a lot of revenue by not offering more a la cart items in the software upgrades. Lite versions of autopilot features could be sold. Lane change. Summon , etc. More versions of perforce boost, track modes. Drift modes etc. Cost to them is almost nothing and would bring in tons on income.

  9. waiting to hear about castings becoming incorporated into the Model 3. waiting to learn about Berlin and Texas factories fulfilling their potential to produce vehicles. waiting to hear about major improvements in Tesla service and parts availability. where is the abundance of mobile charger resales related to "low" usage?

  10. Thank you Robert for sharing the latest Tesla news with us. I do NOT believe it is in the best interest of Telsa/Elon Musk to pull the plug on providing the charging cable, etc. with each new vehicle. What about when I trade my Model 3 for another Tesla do I have to pass the cable unto the next owner or do keep it for my next Tesla? Plus, I’m sure the price of the new ones will go up significantly over the next few years. Thanks again and keep up the great job of keeping us informed on the latest developments from Tesla.

  11. Well the good thing is in NZ we are going to continue getting the charger. They have said they legally cannot remove the chargers