Subaru Solterra Vs Tesla Model Y – Which One Is Best Electric Car To Buy?

In this video, we are going to compare two popular electric cars on the market; Tesla Model Y and Subaru Solterra.

To find out which one is suit the current need of people around the world.

We will look at both cars exterior designs, Engine Specifications, Performance acceleration, price tags, latest technologies and Safety Features.

Subaru says the design of the new Solterra is inspired by nature, the name “Solterra” means “sun! and earth!” in Latin, and Subaru says that all of its cars are designed to work well in any climate condition.

The Tesla Model Y! is a long battery Range electric compact crossover SUV! manufactured by Tesla.

Tesla Model Y provides an enticing mix of strong acceleration, lengthy driving range, agile handling, and quick recharging.

Watch Full video for continuation.

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