The TRUE Cost to Charge a Tesla Model Y at Home in 2022?

I received my first normal electric bill after taking delivery of my new 2022 Tesla Model Y! I am answering your question… “How Much does it cost to charge a Tesla Model Y at home”. You’ll be surprised by the answer. Comment Below!

Check out the charging cost for 500 miles at the Tesla supercharger:

My FIRST power bill after taking delievery:

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  1. Look into the videos that say, FREE ENERGY FROM A CAR ALTERNATOR.
    It's only a matter, of matching the cycles per second to the cycles per second, expected by the vehicle, needed to charge it with the electricity coming from the alternator. It comes out DC. You can simply buy an inverter, that makes the DC into AC current. If the car requires DC, then the alternator is already pumping out DC. This is your carry along gas can for electric cars.
    Someone that repairs alternators could figure it out for you in five minutes. If it works for you, he can sell a lot of electric gas cans. That should get his interest.

  2. Thanks for the info. I just got my charger installed and just need my car now. I'm waiting on solar panels also so aiming for a $0 cost to drive. Besides washer fluid.