Car Camping at Anytime Fitness | Tesla Model Y

Not sponsored but I like Anytime. I can shower, work out, and refill my water anytime I want. My gear list: …


  1. Such a smart idea with the anytime fitness gym membership. Clean safe place to freshen up, clean water source, while getting swole! 💪

  2. Been wondering since I stumbled across your build video, why not have an electric burner for cooking?

    Enjoying the content so far! Makes me want to take my Model Y on a long road trip

  3. I'd say no to tesla model 3 coz it's cramped, but why the model Y and not the model X with the gull wing like rear doors? I ask coz if I want to upgrade from my current kona electric, I gotta do some research

  4. Favorite channel ! Taking delivery of my model y July-August and starting my tesla van life !!!