Tesla Model Y Damage Update – How much?, Who Pays?, How Long?

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  1. You may want to consider authorized body shops in Bradenton, St Pete, Pompano, Hollywood and many shops in Miami to get it done sooner. Good luck.

  2. On the last Tesla earnings call they were talking about how they're using Tesla Insurance claims as feedback to their engineering teams on how to avoid the accidents in the future, or redesign to make repairs faster. I agree with you that this is something they shouldn't need the feedback on, they should have the rear crash avoidance enabled equivalent or better than the competition. I hope you can get it repaired quickly.

  3. Always seems to be the worst part of owning a Tesla (assuming you can afford and charge it at home trouble free,) the repair time. The design of their cars makes the repairs so much worse because of the time it takes to replace large chunks of the car. They seem to be designed to make the manufacturing process easy but not the maintenance process.

  4. It could had been alot worse.

    If the Telsa was undriveable and needed a car rental.
    You would be out of pocket thousands of $ in car rental fees alone for 5+ months.

    Of course AllState would cover some of the car rental.

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