Upgrade 3 – Model Y Mud Flap Install

Upgrade 3
Step by Step installation of Mud Flap installation. Have a Look.


Charging Adaptors

Modern Spare


Tesla Model Y and 3 Drivetrain explained by Weber Auto

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  1. These are not the best mud flaps. The design will allow mud to accumulate in the flaps. A-Premium mud flaps are flat on the tire side of the flap so no mud accumulation (amazon $29).

  2. thanks Dave good video I have added these flaps to the top of my buy list thanks again great video

  3. Great video. I, like you I suspect, am disappointed that the parts weren't all there and there were no instructions. And of course, as you said, the AO video has been updated. Given that these mudflaps are on the higher end, price-wise, I would expect more. That said, I can see the advantage of extra support for the rear flaps. Haven't taken delivery on my Model Y, yet, but mudflaps are at the top of the add-ons list.

  4. Great job Dave. But, this is the worst packaging I’ve ever seen with loose hardware. No instructions ! Think I would have returned it. Shame on AO.

  5. I would definitely reach out to the vendor and complain about how the package arrived. Since you have video proof.

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