Elon Musk's INSANE NEW 4680 Tesla Model Y DESTROYS The Whole Car Industry!

The Model Y has surpassed the Model 3 as Tesla’s best-selling vehicle in the United States.
Tesla, on the other hand, is not resting on its laurels when it comes to the Model Y, as it continues to enhance the vehicle!
In fact, the Model Y’s most recent enhancements will astound the whole automobile industry!
What features does Tesla include in the new Model Y? How do the latest enhancements help the electric vehicle?
We present you all the information regarding the all-new Model Y that has shocked the whole automotive industry in this video!
Despite being Tesla’s newest model, the Model Y continues to gain appeal as a more compact and economical alternative to the Model X.
It also shares a platform with Tesla’s cheapest Model 3, having much of the same EV DNA.

Earlier this year, a Tesla model showed up on the EPA website that no one had ever heard of, a Tesla Model Y Standard Range with 279 miles of range. No such car exists on the Tesla website. In fact, the last we heard, Elon Musk had put the kibosh on a less expensive standard range version because it could not qualify for an EPA rating of more than 250 miles, a key metric in his opinion.
But sharp-eyed observers at last week’s Cyber Rodeo at the new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, noticed such a car during the presentation. That’s right the new Tesla Model Y, with the long awaited 4680 battery installed.

According to recent news, the Tesla Model Y car is the first to be fitted with Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells that are twice the size of battery cells currently used in the Model Y Long Range but store 5 times as much energy. They are packaged in a new structural battery pack that helps keep manufacturing costs down, which leads to lower prices for consumers.

To be clear, Slye actually toured Tesla’s new Austin Gigafactory, and he was almost certain that a new Model Y with 4680 cells was in his future. However, with demand so high and delivery windows far away, Slye was smart to place an order back in October 2021, though it was for the current Model Y Long Range option.
Slye figured he could float the Model Y Long Range order in hopes that he could get one of the new made-in-Texas options. That said, rumors started circulating that Tesla will be using the 4680 battery cells and structural pack in a new Standard Range all-wheel-drive version. This is the part that changed Slye’s mind.
The Model Y Standard Range All Wheel Drive with 4680 cells has 270 miles of range and a 5-second zero-to-60-mph time. It carries a starting price of $59,990. In comparison, Tesla’s website currently lists the Model Y Long Range with a starting price of $62,990. For the extra $3,000, you get 330 miles of range, as well as a 0-60 time that’s just a touch quicker. However, you don’t get the new cells or pack.


• Our channel is in no way affiliated with Elon Musk and is just for entertainment purposes, based on facts, rumours, and speculation. Have fun watching


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