Recently took delivery of a Brand New 2022 Tesla Model Y
Everything didn’t go as planned, but im super excited to finally have my dream car.

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2022 Tesla Model Y Accessories
Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector-
BASENOR Tesla Model Y Cargo Mat –
TEMAI Fast Charging Cable (USB-C to Lighting)-
A-Premium 4 Pcs Mud Flaps –
EVNV Tesla Model Y Screen Protection Cover-
Topfit Tesla Model 3 Model Y Cup Holder Insert Center-
Basenor Tesla Model 3 Model Y Center Console Organizer Armrest Hidden Storage Box-
Basenor Tesla Model 3 Model Y Door Lock Cover Protector-
Center Console Organizer Tray-
S3XYWORLD Tesla Model 3/Y Air Freshener Dashboard Accessories-
Armrest Organizer-
Black Performance Foot Pedal Pads-
TAPTES All-Weather Floor Mats-
Matte Black Dash Cover Wrap –
SnapPlate® (Model Y)-

Are You Going to Get A Model Y 4680?
Interested in A Tesla Delivery Checklist?
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  1. Congrats. Uk 🇬🇧 here. Waiting for our Tesla LR text…. jist got pushed back by months. August.. damm.

  2. Congrats!
    I picked up my Tesla Model Y Performance Dec. 26, and I'm loving it!

    My son has now ordered a Model 3 Performance, so he's in the stage of checking his account every day, twice a day! His delivery date moved up nearly a month, but there's still a week window.

    Anyways… beautiful color! Enjoy it! If you haven't checked out the light show, check it out at night, in the dark! Pretty crazy!

  3. I feel you on watching the accessory videos prior to delivery lol. You should watch 'Revenge of the Electric Car' It shows how Elon and JB went through development hell with the original Roadster. Gave me a new appreciation for my Model X.

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  5. CONGRATULATIONS!I think I know you from the September Orders group on the Tesla Motoring forum. What a ride with those estimated delivery dates, right? Can't believe you got a 3AM delivery! That's wild! My delivery day is coming up this Sunday and I can't wait! Enjoy that new ride, man and God bless!

  6. Congratulations! I’m still dancing to the delivery date changes that keep moving all over the calendar! Hopefully I receive mine in the latest date given for next month! Buying a Tesla takes patience to the next level..

  7. Congratulations 🎉I’d love to see those accessories you guys are talking about 😏

  8. Congratulations, it’s two days before May , I was originally scheduled for February, I understand exactly what you went through. Now I am scheduled for June -July .