Tesla Model Y Trunk Light Upgrade

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This eight-LED plug & play replacement utilizes the same opening as the factory bulb, and is completely reversible if needed. The light output is cooler at around 7000K (the factory light is around 5000K), and although brighter, it’s also much better distributed, so the main benefit is being able to see into the corners of your Model Y trunk.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Removing the trunk trim
02:45 Unplugging the Factory light
03:27 Refitting the Trim
06:10 Installing the new light
06:33 Refitting trunk bumpers/checking closure
07:37 Trunk Sill Protectors (
07:55 Before & after comparison


  1. Brilliant! It would be great if you also provided a dimmer version so we could swap back and forth without removing the trim again.

  2. Thank you for all you do for the Tesla Modle Y im getting mine in July it has been push back, early now is pushed back, I will like to know more about yiur Y and how you like it, and any insight information