Upgrade 4 – Model Y Floor Mats Install

Upgrade 4
Step by Step installation of Floor Mats installation. Have a Look.


Charging Adaptors

Modern Spare


Tesla Model Y and 3 Drivetrain explained by Weber Auto

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  1. nice mats I have been considering WeatherTech because I used them in previous cars. but I will check them out. thanks Dave

  2. Another great tutorial Dave.
    Driving without my shoes on has always been my thing (80-20) ratio. I feel comfortable doing both but most often without the shoes.

  3. A question…. If you don’t mind. Why do you drive with your shoes off? For me, my feet aren’t sized right for that and would certainly slip off. In an emergency situation, for me, I think pressing down hard on the brake or moving between petals would be problematic. Much less getting shoes back on after an accident. So I’m curious as to why someone would drive shoeless…. If you don’t mind!