Tesla Model Y Delays! My Order Has Been Pushed Out Again! 5-9-2022

My 2022 Tesla Model Y Delivery date has been updated again! The Dates have been pushed further into the future. Share down in the comments about your Tesla order delivery dates.

Tesla Customer Service Phone number: 1 (888) 518-3752

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  1. Mine got moved again too. I ordered 9/28, I have the 7 seat and tow as well. My dates got moved to 5/30-6/27. I don’t trust it. It must be a scheme to collect our order deposits. Ha!

  2. Ordered MYP White on White 2/22. EDD got pushed 3 times. Hoping this window date sticks. May 20-June 03 I called Tesla and the rep confirmed that ordering a Performance gets your car faster than the LR.

  3. MYLR/5 Seat/Black/20"Induction/Black int – Ordered 10/17/21. Had May 12-26 EDD – this morning changed to June 2-16. So frustrating. Thought I was getting somewhere when I received the trade-in text on 5/2. Guess not…..

  4. Ah that sucks that you are waiting on an August order date! Mine is an Oct 2021 OD (MYLR 7 seater, white exterior, black interior 19” wheels) and I was pushed back now to June 13-July 18. On the forums the 7 seater seems to be the thing that is pushing out orders so maybe it is a delay in those parts.
    What is the age of your kids? I have 3 kids and I am happy we will be getting a 7 seater but there are times I second guess. It would be great to see how your family gets along with the Tesla!

  5. EDD Jun4 – Jul9 changed on Monday to Nov 22 – February 23??? MY LR 5 seat ???

  6. That's interesting because MY LR 7 seater w/tow hitch (blue) was also pushed out to 6/5 – 7/3… I ordered mine in 9/14/2021 🙁

  7. Mine is a LRMY, 7-seater with white seats. I sold my Mach-E in February and ordered my Tesla on the same day. I was lucky enough to borrow my mom’s car because I wasn’t expecting delivery until August. Then I got pushed to September and then October. I took delivery on Saturday. I know I probably got lucky but I’m very happy I got it so quickly!

  8. I ordered back on 11/21. Have got delayed numerous times, now it's between 08/22 to 10/22

  9. Right on!! My order keeps getting pushed back also. Ordered a base model X. Pushed back 5 times. I’ll be glad when more competition in a couple years.

  10. I ordered MYLR Nov 2021. MSM ($1K extra at the time), std otherwise. Date bounced around and settled at April 16-May 30 for a couple of months, then in early April shoved out 3 months to July 16-Aug 30. Though I paid for MSM, since that is now standard color I am probably no better off than the white choice. So I have decided that buying a Tesla is like planning a distant vacation. You decide where you want to go, do your research, and book it. In this case, say the trip is a year and a half out, and not much $$ invested yet. Then you look forward to it, but meanwhile you forget about it and get on with your life. Eventually, you will probably get to take your trip, assuming nothing bad happens in the meantime. When you get real close to the time (like getting your VIN #), you start packing (pre-buying accessories), and making the real prep for the trip and the fun starts! Bon voyage!

  11. Just took delivery MYLR white with white .. ordered 10/20/21. Updated my design with a tow hitch in early April ..
    I think your car is stuck in a que “glitch”
    Good luck!

  12. I ordered model y long range Nov 2021. Standard rims and grey color. My delivery is now may 22

  13. “For some reason, Tesla doesn’t like me.”

    I’m so tired of your videos. All you do is cry about your order being pushed back. News flash: you’re not the only person that has an order being delayed. There are hundreds of thousands of orders being pushed, delayed, etc. Stop crying and acting like Tesla is picking on you.

  14. I ordered the black performance OD=3/9/22, window is now 6/5-7/3. Did you guys get the text asking if you were ready for delivery and if you needed to make any changes? I did, a week prior to my original delivery window (5/15-6/8). It was the ultimate head fake. For a second there I thought I was special and getting my car on time. Then reality hit me. Good luck to you. I hope after all this wait the build quality is decent. I'm praying for a Chinese or Texas build myself. I'm in MD.

  15. Also delayed again. I ordered black interior, 7 seater and grey exterior. Decided to call Tesla and my finance offer is set to expire day before my delivery time frame. Current EDD window is June 7 to July 12th. I hope it won't go to July as I'm headed to Turkey for a wedding. Likely gonna be a month until I'm back. I also asked for an overnight and might expect a performance MY this Saturday 🙂

  16. Update: I received my VIN last week and have a delivery date next Tuesday. Most likely yours is getting delayed due to the 7 seat configuration.

  17. Why would you get a model Y for a 6 person vehicle. You will be very disappointed because that 7 seat option is a joke.

  18. Ordered MYLR 7 seats w/ tow back in July 2021. Push out so many times I lost count. Been in the 2 weeks window multiple times and push out when my date land on the window. My new EDD is now a June 1 – Jul 6.

    All tasks r completed just here waiting like all of u. Push out 2 weeks, push out 1 month n the cycle continues.

  19. Ordered Model Y LR 7 seater white with black interior in October 2021, just got pushed for the fourth time, a month out at a time, now EDD is June 13th to july 23rd.. Hopefully I get it so I can enjoy it before the Canadian winter returns.

  20. My Blue MYP w/ white interior OD was 4/22/22 with a delivery window of June 2022-July 2022. That changed to Jul 8-Aug 19 the next week, and has held there since. I'm not holding my breath that that will stick as I get closer. Makes it really hard to schedule my PPF appointment!

  21. Ordered my Model Y LR 7 seater blue white interior on October 30 2021 with expected delivery of June 2022. This has changed to 9/7 -11/2. I am seriously expecting my car sometime in 2023.

  22. I ordered model y performance on march 9th 2022 no FSD I’ve been pushed back three times, now my window is June 6th to July 12th
    I sold my truck while the price was up and I’m driving a 100,000 miles on it used PT cruiser
    I am not a rich guy, I work for a county hospital ! My down payment is all I’ve got saved so I can’t just buy another car.
    The sad thing is the hospital I work at is where injured Tesla employees in Fremont would be brought. But don’t worry I won’t delay them if there in need!

  23. MYLR 7 seat, white 20” wheels. Ordered 12-2-21 EDD July 8- Aug 19. After 8 different EDD’s.

  24. My model 3 RWD delivery date is between May 17 to May 31. However, I am sure it will bump somewhere in June 2-3 days before May 17 to May 31 window. I ordered my vehicle in September 2021.

  25. Just looked today and got pushed back to june-july, im getting the 7 seater LR

  26. This is crap. My MYLR ordered in October 2021 keeps being pushed. I have May 3rd with a 10 day window. Then on May 4th it pushed to May 6-16. On May 7th it updated to may 28-June 11. My Friend order the exact same in October 2021 and got his car last week. SMH

  27. My Model Y 7 seats was put back the same date like you. They did that many times.

  28. Here are my delivery dates: Tesla Delivery
    4/30/22 – 5/28/22
    6/4/22 – 7/9/22
    5/11/22 – 5/25/22
    5/6/22 – 5/20/22
    5/10/22 – 5/21/22
    5/08/22 – 5/14/22
    5/12/22 Delivery Day!
    Fingers crossed!
    I feel so bad for you! I don’t blame you for being so disappointed. You have been more than patient. Your situation is not normal! Try going up the chain at Tesla. Good luck to you! I will be monitoring your situation!

  29. I ordered two Model Y Performance models back in February with no FSD option on both.. we are not even close to delivery date as one of them got pushed back to late June-July time frame and the other one hasn’t got pushed back yet but expecting it to do the same. Maybe it hasn’t got pushed back yet because that one has the white seat option..🤔 I guess we will have to see what happens

  30. Feel your pain bro. I ordered in October 2021 and my EDD is 5/17-5/31. Been basing my delivery on your experience. Expecting another push back.

  31. Same thing happened to me today!! We have the same exact EDD. Mine changed from 5/10-5/24 to now 5/23-6/20. Mine is a 7 seater, black interior, metallic gray; no tow hitch. I actually already applied for financing and my offer will expire on 5/21 so I’m really hoping I get it before that!!

  32. MYP ordered on 2/22. Just was in my EDD window of May 7th-21st. On the 8th it got pushed out to June 1st-July 6th.. LR’s are definitely having longer waiting times, heard about the 7 seater taking the longest. Sounds like Tesla fixed the FSD faster delivery loophole though which is good. As of right now I’ve seen a few people sharing about their cars being at the dealership waiting for a final part or firmware…. All of the excuses are not important though, seems like Tesla could learn the most important life lesson; communication is everything. I think all of us are okay with the reality of our cars’ situation, we just want to know what the hell is going on.

  33. I just got my Vin on Saturday. It’s been a long wait. OD 11/2022 MYLR upgrade to MYP on 4/11/22. EDD is May 20-24. The problem that people are reporting now. On Tesla Motors Club. Is that there Tesla gets to the Delivery center and it doesn’t have the Charging port. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Good luck Buddy. It’s coming. It is probably the 7 seat option that is holding your order back.

  34. Dang! I haven’t heard that about the 7 seat and tow hitch. I ordered the tow hitch. Maybe that’s why mine keeps getting pushed out too…