Does Buying a Tesla Model Y Performance Make Cents? – The Math

Does buying a Telsa, specifically a Model Y or Y Performance make sense from a savings standpoint? It’s not always a cut and dry decision, and I’ll go over all the math from how and where you charge, to reducing your electric plan, and seeing if you can save by skipping the gas pumps. #MYP #Tesla

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  1. Where in the calculous does: A. You're a 1 car family now, or B. (no pun intended😊) The cost of running the truck factor into all this?; you must still be using the truck for your install biz, no?

  2. I think that’s the hard selling point when it comes to EVs. Especially in Southern California during the summer we have to run the AC. The breakdown on how much you paying is actually really interesting. A lot of digging prior to purchase would have to be done. Can you charge it at home and if so do you have the correct outlet. Interesting to see the complete breakdown of how much owning a Tesla is. A lot of money up front when it comes to this. But long run looks like you can save a good amount.

  3. Enjoyed the video. Nice how you showed the breakdown on costs. Hope you’re enjoying the car. I’m strongly considering one but the insurance increase and the fact I really only drive 150-200 miles weekly are making it tough to go from no car payment to $1k/mo for 60 months.

  4. Teslas are for dummies. Every single person using an EV in a YouTube video looks like a total try hard dork trying to make EVs happen.

    "EVs are the future guys, we'll be transitioning to them soon! Ok, just charged my car for two hours getting a coffee, still at 25%, let's find another charger an hour away…oh, they're all taken up, let's just go down the road, damn, this charger isn't working either, great, found one that works…in East St. Louis next to some homeless drug addicts!"

    I'm not even buying the argument that it's new tech, it's literally been around since the 19th century and still is inferior to a gas car for most of the same reasons it was beaten in the early 20th century!

    I'll probably be banned for speaking against the holy EV but I don't care. Reality hurts for the EV fanboys who just repeat everything Musk says.