NEW* Tesla Model Y SR+ AWD (LFP Version) is Coming Soon!

Recent news, theUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new 2022 Tesla Model Y AWD version to their fuel efficiency listings. This is the biggest hint to the model and likely coming out of the Texas giga factory.

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  1. If price keeps going up maybe it will cost more than the current Performance version. Also I’m not sure I want LFP either since it’s the inferior product

  2. I only have a model 3 :((( hopefully I can get a Model Y next year its my dream and maybe it will have the LFP battery so i can charge fully everytime

  3. The first batch is likely to come out from the Texas Gigafactory so quality will be excellent as well + all the new Perks hopefully like double pane rear glass and Ryzen

  4. The LFP version of Model Y seems ideal for those wanting AWD but not worried about the range. Honestly would you get it if pricing is close to the Long Range version?