etrailer | WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Review – 2022 Tesla Model Y

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Full transcript:
Hi everyone. It’s Evangeline here at etrailer, and today we’re taking a look at our WeatherTech floor mats for our front seats of our 2022 Tesla Model Y. So, here we have the original floor mats, and while it does work with covering our interior, you also have spillover onto the inside just because you don’t have that raised lip. So, this is why we are upgrading to our WeatherTech floor mats just to give a bit more protection. Well, this is a great way to upgrade from your original floor mats and make sure that you have that extra protection of your interior. This is gonna be made of HDTE material which allows it to be strong and sturdy, but still flexible enough to create a custom fit for the inside of your Model Y.

What makes this special is the way it is shaped. So, you have those grooves on the inside just to help that water, dirt, and debris flow towards the center, but you also have this nice feeling on top of here where it’s smooth enough so it doesn’t scuff up your shoes, but strong enough to keep that dirt in place. Another thing is going to be the raised walls. So, this allows it to catch those puddles, and then you can just take your mats out and dump it to the side of your door. What I did notice, is even though it does have this opening on the inside, or I guess this valley on the inside, it does kind of follow your Tesla Model Y’s contour, so you may have puddles towards the front which is where the raised walls really help out.

Before installing these floor mats, I do recommend leaving them out in the sun for a little bit. That way they become malleable and help with that custom fit. Switching these out with your other floor mats is super quick and easy. Let’s do that right now. After you take out your old floor mats and you’ve cleaned your interior of your Tesla Model Y, just pop these up into place, and get them to fit around the contours of your interior.

Do the exact same thing on the other side, and after that, that’s it, you’re good to go and hit the road. You now have extra protection for the inside of your Model Y, and when you get all that dirt and grim up in there, it’s very easy to clean out. So, just like that you have your front floor mats from WeatherTech for Tesla Model Y. Go ahead and check out our rear floor liners as well to get the full collection. And that was a look at our WeatherTech front floor mats for the 2022 Tesla Model Y.

My my name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoy the journey..