Upgrade 5 – Model Y Big SSD Installation

Upgrade 5
Step by Step installation of a Big SSD memory storage. Have a Look.


Charging Adaptors

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Tesla Model Y and 3 Drivetrain explained by Weber Auto

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Dave. You had mentioned you were going to get a 1TB drive. Any reason why you chose 500GB, and why you chose the T5 vs the newer (comparably priced and twice as fast) T7?

  2. It is not entirely true that upgrading to a larger storage device alllows you to store more teslacam video automatically. User intervention is required every 55 minutes. Sounds weird, read on. After reading thIs comment, I suspect many of you will want to read about how to partition a single device to so it can handle teslacam and usb based music as the extra storage pace will be better served for music data. A benefit of usb music is no extra Bluetooth compression.
    Ok To make use of the extra disk space to store video, you need to manually select the dashcam record button every 55 minutes so the video data is transferred from the recents folder to the saved clips folder. No matter what, teslacam only stores 10 minutes of sentry events. Here is how teslacam works. This is in the user manual.

    The TeslaCam folder contains three sub-folders:
    Recent Clips: When recording, Dashcam continuously saves footage to Recent Clips in 60-minute cycles. Footage is overwritten every hour unless you manually save it. Four videos are recorded for each clip, one from each camera (front, rear, left, and right).

    Saved Clips: Contains all recordings that are saved using Dashcam.

    Sentry Clips: Contains the last 10 minutes of footage from all Sentry Mode events that triggered an Alert or Alarm state. If storage space on the USB flash drive becomes limited, the oldest Sentry Clips are deleted to provide space for new ones. Once deleted, you cannot retrieve them.

    When the USB flash drive runs out of storage space, video footage can no longer be saved. To prevent the flash drive from getting full, regularly move saved videos to another device and delete them from the flash drive.

  3. Everything I have read says putting a larger drive will actually slow performance because the system is designed for 128gb. Interesting to see how this will work for you. Please post an update.

  4. Hi Dave I enjoy your car talks and the scenery from your travels. One suggestion; maybe get a shorter usb cable with a right angle C plug. It takes up less space and the cable will take-up less space in the glove-box. Maybe cable tie the drive so there is less chance of the connections vibrating loose over time. The USB stick is light and firmly in place .Just a thought,if they have already broken into in your car wouldn't a screw driver pry the glove-box open? (locks are for honest people sadly..)

  5. THANKS — NEEDED THIS. Greatly Appreciated Dave ! QUESTION 🙋🏼‍♂ Has anyone purchased a much larger SSD (multi terabytes ?) for long term recording or is that not necessary !?

  6. Shame they did not put a USB-C in the glovebox, maybe that would prevent the glitches.

  7. Just make sure you secure the drive properly so that if you get in a crash the contents of the camera footage from the crash can be saved to the drive

  8. Great video. I got the same drive a year ago. I got it for storage space but also because I was hoping it would clear up the video glitches that appear on Sentry mode clips. Unfortunately my Sentry mode clips still have artifacts which is odd because manually saved dashcam clips do not: odd because they are supposed to be the same file(s) just copied to the Sentry folder. One thing to note is that Sentry mode is always recording even if it doesn't create Sentry clips. So if something happens with no Sentry events, you can still get to the past hour of footage by looking in the "Clips" folder (if the event was within the past hour).

  9. Thanks for the video Dave.
    Great instructions as always.
    Does anyone know if you can also add the music directory to this drive? 🤔

  10. Battery drain on sentry cam is material, maybe 1 to 3% of battery capacity per day. Between that and cabin overheat protection, you should be careful about parking your Tesla for over a week without doing the math on what to expect when you return. If charging is not available, you might want to consider turning them off. If you leave them on, check your app every 4 or 5 days to check your current State of Charge. At some point you might want to turn one or both of these features off.

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  12. Good video … I will buy the fingerprint protected version of this SSD, just in case anyone gets into the glove box !

  13. Dave, suggest you get a tripod for camera so 2 hands are available for opening packages.