TOP SECRET Hidden Features! – Tesla Model 3 + Model Y

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Newer Teslas are packed with the latest and great tech and upgrades, but sometimes, some of the best-hidden features can be found only in older Teslas. Many early Model 3 owners enjoyed some massive Tesla perks that the company no longer includes in the Model Y or newer Tesla models – including things like enhanced autopilot, Homelink, radar autopilot, plus so much more! Let’s explore some of the best-hidden features in older teslas and why they might be better than newer modern models.

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  1. In an interview yesterday it looks like Elon Musk spoke about Polygon (MATIC). Twitter actually has a deal with MATIC, so the next Dogecoin is coming? Whats going on here

  2. Hi Robert,
    I have 2021 Tesla Model 3, with auto pilot and beta steering. I did try subscription for a while and try out for Beta testing . My score was 98 and never got the full self driving on cities street. We mostly have old Highways here and never got chance to use it on freeways. But i did like the 2 features lane change and auto stop.
    I would like to see enhanced auto pilot back to buy. Full self driving at $12,000. Is very expensive without city streets, is not worth it.

  3. Enhanced AP is still available on new cars in Europe. In my country it is priced at 3800€.

  4. Get rid of my new 2022 Model 3 Performance?? Hmmmmm, let’s see…… bout no, Scott??

  5. Want to sell my 2018 Model 3 LR at the end of the year and purchase a Model 3 Performance. Not happy with the changes, but most are minor.

  6. Do not buy an old model 3 instead of a New one "just for features" lol….just dont do this…the Ryzen cpu > all the lost features of older model + no miles on the clock will >>> 30-50-70k miles used model 3 with those features..not talking about the wipers defrost added recently for cold weather users

  7. I have an older Model 3, 2018 mid-range n have most of those hidden features. Just too cheap to drop the money for Enhanced Auto Pilot n FSD. But I do have free connectivity for the life of my car tho. Really enjoy your content. Thanks for the tips n tricks in all of your videos.

  8. Front usb ports no longer supporting data would SUCK if people wanna use a game controller!! I'm so pleased my 2021 model 3 has this, and I can still play music off USB drives in the console. I have passenger lumbar, obviously I have the Tesla mobile connector even though it's not long enough for where I park!!

  9. Ești un idol XX18LIKE.Uno mereu în inima mea 💋 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintrek cele mai bune concerte….

  10. Nice tips, bud. Hey, I’ve been looking at magbak for a while but I didn’t want to spend full price for it (because I’m cheap.) Thanks for the discount code!