NEW Model Y Performance Shipment & New Prices For All Tesla Models

Tesla has been busy adjusting prices in Canada on Thursday night. The price of both Tesla Model Y variants were also increased by $1,000 and $1,100.
Not to be left out, prices for all variants of the Model 3, Model S, and Model X have also been adjusted higher.
The biggest price increase belongs to the Model 3 Long Range, now $3,000 more expensive at $74,990.
The Performance model also saw a significant price bump to $83,990 (+$2,500).
Combined with the last price increase on March 14, the Long Range is $6,000 more expensive, while the Performance is now a whopping $9,000 more expensive.
Multiple white Model Y Performance SUVs were spotted leaving the factory this week on the back of a car carrier.
There was also a second truck with more white Model Ys, but only shared some photos.
There were a few other sightings of white Tesla Model Ys leaving the factory this week. Wieland Wenzel shared this photo on Twitter of another car carrier with 5 more white Model Ys on the A9 highway, without specifying in which direction it was traveling.
Tesla ship tracker Morten Grove also reported another three trucks with white 2022 Tesla Model Ys were spotted traveling west on the A2 highway.
In April we reported that Giga Berlin’s paint shop had added the new color to its repertoire, and is expected to add three brand new colors soon – Deep Crimson, Abyss Blue, and Mercury Silver.
Tesla has hiked the price of its Full Self-Driving suite in Canada by $2,200. The FSD capability will now cost Canadian owners $12,800 from its previous $10,600 price.


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  1. My delivery date changed 3 times already …. I’m soooo close to cancel the order 🤦🏻‍♂️