Tesla MODEL Y – RE-DESIGN (2022)

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  1. I prefer this redesign much better than the one from sketchmonkey. The body side work you did is phenomenal. I like the slimmer headlights but even the old ones are fine as long they modify the side like you did.

  2. Great succes! I agree. The Y looked a bit like a toy car. My first thought was: the nose needs to be raised… So I am happy to see you did that. Your lights are also better, but I would have preferred them a bit meatier. The side of the car also looks a lot better this way. All in all it has way more appeal now.. and you are right about the grille. Lack of one defines Tesla… But I prefer that there is something there… Something simple but original… How about the Tesla logo? You could perhaps use the shape of the horizontal bar to make a grille and let the shape of the vertical bar be the part of the grill that disappears under the nose of the car. It would split the lower part of the nose of the Y in two… I don't know if I explained this well, but if you could make this work, I think it could be a very distinctive look that may look quite good. So my compliments and i am looking forward to the next one!