Tesla Giga Texas Fresh Images From May 11 and 100 Model Y Deliveries "Today"

We just got these new fresh images from Tesla Giga Texas, which may suggest that Tesla is delivering close to 100 Model Y electric vehicles daily.

I can’t confirm the daily 100 Model Y deliveries, but yesterday, apparently Tesla delivered 100 Model Y electric crossovers from Giga Texas.

Joe Tegtmeyer has shared these latest updates from Giga Texas.

Yesterday, he wrote on Twitter that “100 Model Y’s ready for transport today! very active site again today with many exciting changes and progress, so check out my YouTube video later today.”

When asked if this is the same lineup of Model Y vehicles that has been building up over the past 3-4 days, Tegtmeyer said some are new and inventory changes daily. “But I don’t know the numbers,” he replied on Twitter.

Hopefully we soon get to see this amount of Model Y vehicles being transported out of Giga Texas every day.

We don’t know where they are delivering these Model Y vehicles.

What if they are employee 4680 versions?

Also, Joe noted other progress at Giga Texas, writing “solar panel progress, Roof vents & HVAC duct work, big deliveries to stamping, N demo cleanup, footing rebar at battery cathode foundation, “Cyber Planter” deliveries, E 2nd entrance work!”


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Joe Tegtmeyer


  1. Tesla has been thinking about stopping orders.Tesla is doing a tremendous job but still can't keep up with demand.All these vehicles have been sold apparently. Just waiting to be shipped

  2. I watch his videos every day and these cars have been sitting there for a while. They are not transporting very may cars that I have seen on his and others videos.