Tesla Will Stop Taking Orders For New Cars

Tesla haulting vehicle orders, Giga Shanghai Issues, Tesla sues ex-engineer for Dojo, Tesla carplay and more!

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  1. Any other Tesla owners unhappy with Musk's threat to restore Trump's Twitter account? Anyone?

  2. Increasing prices today due to supply price increases over a year away?? Will prices decrease when supply chain issues are resolved? When costs decrease? Don’t hold your breath. Over promise and under deliver, that’s Elon’s M.O. Affordable EVs will be available December 32nd 202never. 👍

  3. crazy, my model y LR updated the delivery estimate this weekend to September. Now it just updated to next week and assigned VIN. Coming from Fremont

  4. I don’t need CarPlay, but I really hope for a native Apple Music app in the Tesla system… Elon plz

  5. Sold Lucid stock based on an engineering review that looked like the new car was painted like a Tesla.

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  7. I remember when Tesla has trouble selling their vehicles. Now they are having trouble keep up with demand.

  8. Where is the cool B roll from? The Teslas driving through the field and snow and other places?

  9. Tesla will stop taking new orders !!! Sounds like Tesla is going out of business. We do not need this form of sinical ploy. This gives the impression that Tesla is afraid of something. No need to be afraid of BMW or Mercedes. They have stepped up their game and Tesla should do likewise.

  10. I am in the UK and I ordered a Model Y LR in white with white interior and 19inch wheels on 9th May. At that time, the web-configurator quoted an estimated delivery date of September to October. Then when I received my order confirmation email with the details, it quoted an estimated delivery date of the last week of JUNE ! So the online configurator is clearly way-out-of-date with regards delivery dates…..????? All very odd.

  11. Does anyone know the real delivery timeframe? I reserved my model Y on 2/4 which at the time delivery window was May 15, then June, then July then September, now the window is Nov 2022-Feb 2023

  12. So much for wide spread use of electric cars. They are steadily being priced for the top 10% of income earners.

    By the time I am able to access $60k-$100k+ to purchase a vehicle I may have to wait two years to get it.

    The world needs better access to electric vehicles if we are ever going to get serious about climate.

  13. Anyone who knows the order delivery from giga Berlin? I’ve just bought an model y and it says June 2022, 1-2 month🤨

  14. Not selling your product because it is in too high demand is the ultimate gigachad move

  15. I ordered my Y in Dec. 2021 and now my delivery date is Nov. 2022 – Feb.2023 😞

  16. I placed an order around Thanksgiving 2021 Model Y LR, latest est delivery date of September-Oct 2022. Thinking ab canceling my order or should I wait to get it and then sell as new? Is there any penalty if I was to wait until Tesla notify me of delivery date and then cancel? Am I just simply loosing the $250 deposit? Thx

  17. This is on, there are already too much Tesla on the road. It's like iPhones, you see them everywhere now.

  18. Order now? Demand at record levels?
    Than why are Tesla shares at bargain prices this week?

  19. The CarPlay work around is funny. I had to make sure the date was not April’s fool day.

  20. If you look back in history, whenever the stock market takes a prolonged dip AND you lay on top of that high inflation, high ticket items like $145,000 cars (Lucid) don't sell as well as when times are good. I am concerned that many of the close to $100,000 priced EVs will see lesser demand/sales.

  21. If VW is confident they can beat Tesla, why are they funding fake environmental groups to try to shut down Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory? After Dieselgate, shouldn't actual environmentalists be boycotting VW?

  22. Hey you – thank you for alerting me last year to order my Tesla before the price hike. It is now 6K more

  23. It reminds me, over 40 years of buying cars at dealerships, the common phrase, "If you don't buy today, I have this price sheet that shows the prices are going up next week."

  24. Isn't halting vehicle orders going to push people to order more right now thus causing a huge surge in orders and strain on the factories? They will have to limit ASAP and then stop orders.

  25. Not interested in Tesla. I have a Solar City (now Tesla) system on my home. The Inverter went out 6 months ago and Tesla still hasn't followed through to replace it. Tesla service (?) Is known for being spotty with their cars but 6 months to replace an Inverter. F'em and Elon "Trumper" Musk. I'll never buy anything from them again.

  26. Tesla was my highest conviction stock until I found out they are pro abortion. Now they are on the sell list.