I Broke my Tesla Model Y Windshield

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In this video I give you a breakdown of what you need to do what you break your Tesla windshield. It’s a little different than the normal process because Tesla is a cult as my agent told me.


  1. Everything that you’re saying is absolutely true about the windshield.. but the crazy thing is when a car insurance agent that is in charge of windshield coverage ask for pictures of your cracked 😂 windshield.. they want so many damn pictures, and they sound like they don’t believe you you have a cracked 😂 windshield.. then you think to yourself I’m just lying to pay 💰 for windshield to get it replaced and then get the reimbursement 2 week later 😂 Insuranse agents will never change !

  2. The Uber bucks don’t work when they give them to you .. you eventually have to pay 💰 your Uber out of packet , Plus those Uber bucks they Disappear as soon as you get to your destination ,. I have been to that Tesla repair center in Tempe AZ. They have great service there, and they got nothing to do with your Uber Backs if they work or not. But I would recommend anyone with a Tesla to got to Tempe to get their Tesla fix with any issues, you will be pleased 😄

  3. If you get your windshield tinted at Hyer Quality Detail, they will replace your windshield and re-tint your car for free if you replace the windshield thru your insurance company with them.

  4. I had to replace my top glass and windshield at Tesla Service Center at the same time. They did it in one day. I was amazed. I have Geico Insurance with a $50 glass deductible.

  5. Great video. I just move my two vehicles to State Farm. I will be receiving my MYP ON 5/21. I signed up for Tesla insurance. But I will be adding it to State Farm in about a month later. Thanks for explaining how Tesla and your insurance company procedures are. When getting a windshield replaced.

  6. Great video as always. Just had my first windshield issue on my 2020 S. Insurance works with Safelite so I got a quote for a replacement and scheduled with them – $2400 and 4-6 weeks until they can get the glass. Made a service appt via the Tesla app and glass will be replaced in two weeks for $862. Needless to say I cancelled the Safelite appt. Crazy difference in cost – and even though insurance is covering it all I just couldn’t pull the trigger on that quote – even though it was the preferred, and easier route, with my insurance company.

  7. Great video as always. Great information about cintacting your insurance first. My agent did the same thing in a non tesla with my 0 deductible gllass.

  8. You previously said there is a lot of debris on Arizona roads. The only cracked windshield I have had in 50+ years of driving was while I was stationed in Tucson.

  9. Hey make sure that the Macan has had the transfer case replaced. They are known to fail I worked at Porsche for about a year when the Macans were coming out and updated btw.

  10. Love my tesla but 1300 is stupid plus the fact they had it a day is unacceptable. I've been able to wait for every windshield I've had done on other vehicles and never paid more than half what this one cost. The still have things to get much much better at.

  11. Great video, I wish you told us the story about how the windshield got cracked

  12. I had a similar (good) experience replacing my windshield earlier this year. Mine was covered under warranty, as there was no evidence of a stone chip. And trust me, they checked THOROUGHLY. It was winter (in Canada), and I had just had some work done on the frunk actuator, so the jacking, cold/heat was likely the culprit. But great experience though. Mine was done while I waited (about 4 hrs). Used the uber credits to go grab some breakfast. Clean car when it was returned. No complaints!

  13. Great video Contact it’s a reminder that I need to contact my own insurance to add the windshield replacement with zero deductible the only thing that’s holding me back is I really do wonder when a claim is made do you possibly think that your insurance policy will increase on the next renewal ?

  14. To work a job 25 years and not have some emergency savings, which you only need to float for 15 days, or just have a credit card is crazy. All those hours of suffering a 9 to 5 for nothing, lol. "Well you should quit", classic.

  15. Went through the exact same process. Took State Farm 5 weeks to get me my check for my windshield. White privilege is real.

  16. No way to get your insurance to pay for the tint added to the windshield? In AZ, it seems like I have to replace my windshield 1x each year….

  17. How’s Jamie doing? Trust she is okay and that her pregnancy is progressing well. Cheers from AKL, NZL.

  18. I just got my windshield replaced on a model 3. Mesa Tesla location, $845. They scratched my vinyl. They're covering the replacement vinyl thankfully it was diy and not really expensive. However without the vinyl they would have scratched the paint. Originally Safelite was going to do it but after 10 days they called saying they have to order a new one and would take another 4-6 weeks.

  19. See, this is the humor I expect from Gjeebs. Keep this humor up. Recently, you've left out your dry humor and I missed that on your channel.

  20. Guess that's another good reason not to get a Tesla the cost of a windshield. I replaced one on my Ford it was $450 out the door.

  21. Glad you were able to get that done at the Service Center… our SC (Portland, OR) will not do glass, they directed me to Safelite, and I am now waiting for a windshield from Tesla to be delivered to them to do the work… super annoying. Tesla gave 20-25 days as a timeframe.

  22. Guess I have to get used to this. In the past a technician came to my home and replace my windshields in an hour and half. No loaner needed.

  23. I finally got my Tesla Y this weekend! I need to get some of your products to keep it clean now. What a great spacious garage you have now! 👍

  24. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! 🙏. This will drastically reduce the stress when this inevitably happens to me !