Tesla Supply Delays and Missing Components Lead to More Features Removed?!?!

Tesla has probably faired the best in the last 2 years compared to all other auto manufacturers. With the continued acceleration in demand for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla has somehow managed to avoid major impact from the Supply Chain shortages plaguing most all industries.

But how is it that Tesla has been able to stay insulated from these challenges when all others have had to shutter production? Well, for one thing, Tesla has not been shy about removing features and components in their vastly popular Model Y or Model 3.

Along side significant price increases, Tesla has combatted the supply chain challenges of the last 2 years by simply removing, or adapting components on their entry level Model 3 and Model Y. Although these features being removed has created a lot of blowback, Tesla has continued to outpace production with new orders.

Currently you have to wait over a year to take delivery of a new Tesla Model Y if you were to order today. So with all of these features being removed, it appears that the masses will continue to order in droves to get their hands on a Tesla no matter the cost.

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  1. I know a few people who have received their M3s this week and do have the matrix headlights. So maybe it was just a temporary issue…???

  2. You said that as of April, the new Tesla’s no longer ship with the mobile connector/charger. My Y is supposed to be delivered in 10 days and I ordered it in November of 2021. Do I need to source a mobile connector/charger or fast charger ? I live over 20 miles from a Supercharger and was expecting to use the mobile connector from home with 220v 30 amp service. Thanks.

  3. Are all Model 3 LR are being shipped with the old headlights? Has anyone gotten the matrix lights on Model 3LR recently?

  4. The only thing I consider "big" is removing data from the front console USB ports by not including the data transmission module. That is BAD. Fortunately it is possible to pick up the module aftermarket and install it yourself. But still. The mobile connector thing I see as annoying…but $200 is nothing when you are buying a new car. And hey, $200 if you want an extra mobile connector (I have two, since I use one in my garage full time and I want to have one in the car full time), is a great price. The lumbar support I don't see as a big thing…it's pretty much not even advertised, I didn't know it existed until someone told me about it. I bet most people really don't use that. That said, I took delivery of my M3 on 6/2/2021, I don't have the passenger lumbar support but I do have everything else so I'm super happy with the car.

  5. Welcome back to Florida, BTG, and close to the start of our hurricane season, ugh. I finally got my MYLR VIN on Thursday, delivery June 6-10 in Fort Lauderdale. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not missing anything!

  6. Had the Y for one year now, never used the mobile connector yet or the lumbar support

  7. Totally agree. Every time they say ‘xyz isn’t used’ as justification for removal, it’s disrespectful to the intelligence of their consumers. Or they just enjoy gaslighting us.

    At some point there will probably be a class-action suit. They absolutely shouldn’t be able to turn off features that were present at the time of delivery, like lumbar.

    I love my MYLR7, but Elon is getting on my nerves.

  8. I'm going to work at the new chip fab in AZ later this year. We will see an end to the shortage!

  9. This exact thing happened to me, my Model Y sat at my local Tesla service center for 2 weeks waiting for that part until I was able to take delivery.

  10. My new YLR is in Containment Hold at the service center. Wasn’t sure what was the reason. Once the MCU is installed they will still have to upload the firmware and run some tests. They are saying “weeks” to get the part. Yet, would also like to know what type of headlights came with the car. The entire Tesla experience hasn’t been good so far. I was also looking into the solar thing but will definitely put it on hold for now. I suppose that Tesla is helping me contribute to a sustainable future… They managed to make me stop driving as I had sold my car! 🙂

  11. My MYP was ordered in beginning of January 2022 with a March 2022 estimate. It was pushed to April 2022, and then again pushed to May-June 2022. Still waiting…

  12. Omg! That’s my issue! My car was in transit 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for a part. I’m going to the store this weekend to talk to someone. No one has been helpful about when I can expect to pick up yet😞

  13. Pls. State that These are your opinions, not facts. Just because you think they removed a charger due to chip shortage does not make it true. Last video you thought it was budget issue. Your opinion. NOT FACTS.

  14. That make sense as one service center by me have a lot of new cars sitting. As I'm still waiting for a vin….. it's like looking at my Christmas present and not knowing if it's mine or someone else's 🙃

  15. My LR Y which was ordered in August arrived at the delivery center in northern Virginia on May 3 missing the Charging ECU. I've been repeatedly told it is coming in the next few days. Please keep us informed of any details you might hear.

  16. Hmmm, maybe this is why my 4-day delivery window has been pushed back every day by one day at a time for the last 2 weeks. I'm at the point where I need to schedule the delivery and hand them the deposit. Everything else is set.

  17. I have no doubt that Tesla is being impacted by many of the same supply chain issues as other manufacturers, but I seem to recall that other manufacturers are often providing discounts for features that are removed and/or providing for free installation when the parts become available.

    It's also important to note that the lack of a pricing drop in light of removed features/components is essentially a price increase, and how that relates to the unparalleled margins enjoyed by Tesla. I'm not saying that they shouldn't charge as much as they possibly can for their vehicles (doing otherwise would not be in the best interest of their shareholders), but everyone should be very clear about the fact that it is happening.

  18. I just found out today my MYP is being delayed from next week, to 6-2. I’m guessing it’s the charge port thing you mentioned. I’ll be in Tampa this weekend. I may swing by the service center and see if it’s on the ground.