Tesla Model Y Performance 1000 km challenge

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  1. When you compare the suspension with "previous generations", do you refer to LR 2021 or LR 2022?

  2. ABC: Always Bring the Passport on the screen to be at hand reach…🤣
    @16:25 what the heck are those cars? 🤔

  3. Great video as always.
    The seats from Berlin have more lateral support because they have a different design. These seats are made with a support seam on the sides more.

  4. Great video! Regarding the vision based – Could it be more jerky on start/stop when following closer than 3-4 on the AP settings? I usually go 5-6, but the problem is, there will always be a lot of people craming into the breaking zones 🙁

  5. Sorry fo the mess in Gothenburg, tons of roadworks as always… Hope you didn't loose too much time!

  6. Nice video, thanks. I wonder: Is it legal to put the standard aero-optimized MDY 19" wheels on the performance-model? Should be more comfy and efficient than MDY LR, shouldn´t it?

  7. I was reading that in Minnesota (US) that they developed some concrete roadway that should last 60 years. Concrete ftw.

  8. Do a repeat in 20degree+ temperatures with the EV6 RWD, and then see how good it really is, and true comparison with this test 🙂

  9. Thanks for recording this on my birthday,fantastic content as usual. Possibly looking at a MYP in the future but I’ll keep the MYLR for now which you are totally responsible for making me buy! Absolutely no regrets I thank you 🙌🏼

  10. The improvements like double glassed windows and better suspension, are they exclusive the the German made Model Y Performance? Or are they available for the Shanghai made long range as well?

    I ordered a long range for Q1/2023 and I'd like to enjoy the improvements as well.

  11. You accidently started saying this is Tesla Model 3 Performance. Old habits die hard 😊

  12. Don't have time to pee… don't have time to pee…. oh sheeeeeeeeettttt🤣 I have been driving vision based since October in the USA. No phantom brakes at all. It is quite good.