NEW 4680 Battery is HERE! (Top 5 Things You Need to Know)

The newest battery is here but what does this mean for you? How much range is included, how fast is charging, and how soon can you get it, in this video!

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🖥Video Chapters🖥
0:00 – Intro
0:33 – What is the Charging Speed?
1:33 – What are the “downsides”?
2:15 – Teslas explaination
2:32 – Advantages of Battery
3:34 – How SOON will we get these?
4:12 – Tesla gets first production
4:52 – Battery Arrival
5:26 – Future of 4680?
6:34 – Downsides of the Battery?
7:32 – Final Thoughts

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  1. I read that this battery pack is only 50 kWh. At 279mi and 50kwh, if you scaled that to the current model Ys battery pack size of 75kwh that’s a range of 419 miles. I imagine that’s where the figure comes from

  2. What about the LFP battery? Will the 4680 battery replace the LFP in the rear wheel drive model 3. I have a LFP model 3 on order but I'm wondering if the LFP is just a filler for the time being… not much good content on LFP cars out there I'm concerned it could hurt the value of the car when I want to trade up..🤷

  3. Uggh! I'm torn between the Model 3 (Standard) and the Kia EV6 (Wind AWD). I ordered my Tesla 2weeks ago and I'm VERY excited to get it (Oct – Nov delivery schedule). But, when I see the Kia EV6 on the road…I'm like: WHOA! That looks nice!! I did in fact test drove the EV6 a month or so ago. The drive was very smoooooth. BUT… Tesla is the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to their Technology. What do you think??? (As I said I'm a new Subscriber and I LOVE your content)

  4. Great video. Thanks. I live in Texas and have a LR model Y on order. I have been given option to buy the SR Austin model Y for delivery much sooner. I am trying to decide which one to get. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

  5. I have MS 2017 and I wait for X with 4680 hopefully end of next year and at least 400 miles real range

  6. I have a CT on order (11/21/19). 😀 I also have an M3 LR AWD on order (due 9/12 – 10/24) 😞
    4680 CT 👍 M3 👎😭

  7. Tesla is making its own 4680 it is not relying on Panasonic.
    Tesla does not want the Osborne effect so they will continue to downplay the 4680 until production is ramped up.

  8. 4680 is just a size of a battery. Is 4680 a LFP or NCA? Or totally different new chemistry?

    No plans of putting the 4680 on the RWD?

    Thanks for the videos, I watch all of them!

  9. Hi mate. I have a model Y performance on order and tesla said the Y performance will be coming end of this year from gigafactory Berlin. Do you know if the performance Y will have 4680

  10. Yayyy I miss your videos!! I had to get emergency back surgery it sucked bc I put an order in for my Tesla and it says November to January 4 and I hope it stays that way for my recovery since it’s coming fast