Tesla Model Y Performance goes 510 km/317 mi in a single charge

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  1. Still sad to see that speed makes such a huge difference to range. As someone who likes to drive more in the 120-130 kmh range, a Model 3 LR is pretty much the only choice with really decent range at 120-130 kmh for a reasonable price.

  2. Always looking at your best results but in reality, in the UK, 120 Km/hr is the reality test and probably most countries? That 10 mph is a beast of a difference. (from 90 Km/hr)
    Therefore 224 miles is just OK from a Model 3P 2019 owner? Distance is only important on a small number of long journeys but THEN it is very important.

  3. woooow that consumption tho!! impressive how it can match model 3 P with same tyres… craving for that EV6 GT tests you already mentioned you cooking!!

  4. You should test again the Model Y Long Range but the 2022 MIC because it has the same battery as this performance with 19’” wheels and caps… If it has the same efficiency as the 2021 version it should get 524 km at 90 km/h (74.4 KWh/ 142 Wh) and 380 km at 120 km/h!

  5. 3.5 yrs ago I was hooked and ordered my Model 3 after I watched your overnight roadside camping in your Tesla in sub sub freezing temps on your way to Lillehammer. Now you are testing a Y hergestellt in Deutschland! Who would have guessed this amazing progress of Tesla and your continued service to all of us EV owners. Thank you!! Keep on hammering!

  6. What a cute baby, Bjorn! Congrats! I had been away from You Tube for a bit so hadn’t seen your little one! Great review!

  7. Why isn't the videos called "range test" anymore? Makes it harder to search for in the future.

  8. I don't suppose that you'll be able to test the Model Y SR in the near future, but what do you think the range would be?

  9. Yes model Y is very efficient but is not a competitor to etron(model x would be apropriate). At 140-160km/h on autobahn e-tron will be more efficient( plus charging speed is way better it holds 150kw over 80%)
    Ps. I am a model 3 perf owner( shanghai built 82kw battery) and to bring it down under 210wh is a adventure

  10. You should really redo the test also with the 2022 Model Y LR. Out of personal experience it also got the better suspension than the 2021, the increased load limits, the double glass windows on the rear door and also the same larger battery as in the performance you just tested. I guess it would be cool to see how much Tesla improve in a little more than half a year.

  11. it simply shows how little the legacy carmakers carw about efficiency. and many who like far Etron etc forget that a fat consumption level means substantially stronger and faster degradation. plus electricity does also come from somewhere so wasting it is also bad

  12. Why do you say this battery does have a capacity of 82kwh when its only showing 78. something in scanmytesla?

  13. Wow didnt expect the model 3 Performance to only go 10km more. Dont they have the same battery?

  14. Too good weather for low consumption. Any other weather conditions consumption growth up, but anyway it’s wonderful result!!

  15. to get the best sound of the tesla sound system you should adjust the equalizer quiet a bit to your taste. if on default settings the sound is not that good but if adjusted right the sound is pretty wild in a tesla. at least so my fist hand experience🙂

  16. Of you’re ever bored – you could try the updated Long Range.. For 2022 the WLTP went from like 507 to 560 something kilometers with a slightly bigger battery, they gave it acoustic glass in the rear, AMD Ryzen chip, so on and so worth.. Only difference is that the German Y Performance got the parcel shelf.. Rumors says the Q2 MiC cars got the parcel shelf and hooks as well