Tesla Model Y Performance car seat and stroller test

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  1. Great Video thanks Bjørn highly appreciated!
    Like many others we are considering a model Y but with 3 kids we have to figure out the car seat problems. We have look at the Multimac car seats/insets from UK. Maybe if you come across a seat like that in the future it would be nice to see a video/test
    All the best from Iceland

  2. Nice to se it's got more space in the cabin over my XC70. In the trunk i can fit 2 Britax smile 2 wagons side by side. I put the wheels on the floor and roll the wagon in against the back seats. Very convenient.
    Child seat mounting in the Enyaq is super easy. I like the plastic open holes for the iso fix that makes it easy to guide in the isofix rails.

  3. I find it a bit awkward how you load the luggage but, never mind, not going to hijack the comment section with my nitpicking 🙂. Just wanted to say, be careful with the black color on stroller and such, especially in Thailand, to avoid overheating in the sun. Also not good for the brown fat

  4. I have looked into some studies and all of these state: High SoC is bad, the integrale of temperature over time is bad and high c-rating (especially over 3c is hurting) is bad. Combine these, then you have the worst case 😉.
    My model 3 with the lfp55-battery tends to over-warming the battery in my eyes. If I AC-charge it, it tries to warm it to 25°C, even in winter, when ist over roughly 5°C. When you start driving (w/o fast charging destination in the navigation), it even tries to get the battery to over 30°C, if outside-temps are warmer than 15°C. In my eyes they are increasing calendar aging by doing this. My average driving c-rate is clearly below 0,3C. I think Tesla did this because of some guys, complaining about charging not fast enough, when spontaniously fast charging… for the people without a garage with a wallbox it is Import. But for me, its not good. I wish, I could tell the car not to waste energy and not to calandar age the battery without any reason in my case.

  5. If you put the cables/ first aid kit in one of the rear side bins, even more room in the frunk.
    And, the rear floor can sit vertically half way, to give access to the deep rear storage.

  6. To avoid lawsuits, in US, Tesla puts a sign in the trunk "please remove the baby from the stroller before putting the stroller into the trunk" .

  7. I love my model Y. It’s so versatile and efficient and I have the tow hit s I I can carry two heavy ebikes too