2022 Tesla Model Y (4680 Giga Texas) Driving Impressions, Sounds, and Ride Quality


  1. Thanks for the early scoop on the Giga Texas model. My March built Fremont Model Y LR came well assembled and similarly quiet to your drive. I would definitely not like to listen to a motor whine, especially in an otherwise quiet car.

  2. This makes me feel much more at ease !!!! I want to thank you for taking the time, my current model y sounds nothing like this Austin built. looking forward for next week as i have been assigned a vin number already from Austin I will be trading in or selling my MYP since it has huge amount of equity. your videos have helped me realized i made the right choice. keep them videos coming !!!

  3. Can you feel any difference in your car's Structural rigidity compared t o a fremont model Y?