Tesla Gigafactory Texas 17 June 2022 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update (06:25AM)

Gigafactory Texas on 17 June 2022! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built!

What a way to end the week! I fly the drone in the early dawn along the west side to take advantage of the low light to look inside and I was able to do a full-length look inside, seeing a lot more activity, equipment, cars, and more construction is several places! Surely a unique look at the progress at Giga Texas not available when the sun is shining bright.

In addition to the video, I show several inside photos of areas I was not able to get on video and discuss what they are and the implications of what we see. I also show highlights from three additional area around the site to give more context and information ahead of what you’ll see in the video. Hopefully you’ll find this introduction helpful.

Have a great weekend!

Early dawn look inside the west side & stamping photos and discussion: 0:06 to 2:23
Additional highlights with discussion & illustration: 2:24 to 4:08
Drone flight footage & infographics: 4:36 to 27:24

Here are the highlights from today’s video:
– As mentioned, we get some good views into the 4680 battery cell production, the structural pack manufacturing area, offices and under development sections of the entre west side of the main building, particularly the 3rd and 2nd floors. We also see changes inside the west main entrance area, with Model Y’s, equipment and some structures being worked on along with a lot more materials and packages having been delivered into the future production areas on the south end.
– Model Y’s on the south end show production ramping is taking place, with new cars replacing those being shipped out. We are now seeing multiple vehicle carriers each day picking up cars and quickly taking them off site for customer delivery. Despite this, the inventory keeps growing, suggesting production is slightly faster than pickup at this time.
– Crews were busy finishing another large concrete pour this morning on the new west concrete loading area, along with the assembly of a steel ramp to a large roll-up door in the same area. Pipes are being installed into trenches in the last remaining area needing concrete, so we should see this area completed early next week.
– On the north end, we see the fourth and final loading platform has been completed, which will allow for equipment and materials delivery to the 3rd and fourth floors of the battery cell structure. We also see another HVAC ducting structure partially completed on the roof in this area.
– At the battery cathode foundation area in the northeast, we see footing construction is now moving quickly, with about half completed with concrete, many with rebar cages installed and some receiving concrete, and almost the final excavations completed on the north end. The rebar cage crews are following the excavated footings quickly, and concrete pours not far behind, so we may see all footings completed early next week. I also think the concrete cure time on the south end may be nearly completed, so vertical construction starting in this area may also begin sometime next week!
– The east parking lot shows many areas of work going on at the same time. On the eastern half, we see trenching and electrical conduit installation, while on the south end, road paving is underway, covering the area where conduit was recently installed. On the southeast corner, more charging stations are being wired up, while near the supercharging stations, we see road repairs from damage incurred in recent rains.
– The north former demolition and pond removal area has truly transformed, and the final graded area seems to have been substantially achieved. Additional areas nearby are now seeing earthwork underway, but the purpose of these areas is unknown. Overall, it seems that this area is now starting a new phase of construction and we may start seeing initial work on the electrical substation soon!

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Video, photos, illustrations, and commentary on this video is by me, Joe Tegtmeyer unless otherwise annotated.

Music in this video is obtained from the YouTube free and unrestricted and royalty-free use library. Ending song is Mr. Sunny Face – Wayne Jones

Drones used are DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2.

Drone flight over Giga Texas is with permission of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk


  1. Great video as always Joe, really appreciate your continued efforts to keep us up to date…

  2. Do we have any idea how the solar panel mounts are being secured?
    With that huge array and the megapacks it'll be interesting to see what their power bill/profit sheet looks like.

  3. Joe, the area across the road from the substation might be where they will build the towers and such to attach to the LCRA lines. In the model LCRA design for customer connections, it shows the connection and metering points in a separate area under LCRA control and the customers switchyard and transformers in another separate area under the customers control.

  4. whats the point of the battery storage and where will the power come from to charge them

  5. Thanks Joe. Great inside shots.
    0:31. Battery north inside. Photo 1. Still very much under construction.
    Inside Level 1 door looks like a gravel floor. To the right there’s what would be an escape passage from deeper within the building. Small pedestrian door to the right would be the exit from the passage.
    1:31. GA, Not much going on there. I have read elsewhere of a close to production Cybertruck line. Nothing like some factual information to show what’s not going on.
    Photo 3. GA inside. Level 2 that was built as a mezzanine only 2 or 3 bays wide has been extended east the width of GA. Here during construction,
    1:43. Stamping Extension photos. Photo 2. Depth of excavation is close to the bottom of the central line of footings. Perhaps the footings were constructed to be exposed. Sheet piling along the east (right) edge of the excavation.
    5:16. Battery north west inside Level 2. Circulating fans around the place. Huge white painted steel pipes turn down from the ceiling and penetrate the floor.
    5:25. Battery inside. Small elevator beside the stairwell.
    8:31. GA apron. Fabricated steel ramp.
    11:22. BIW new loading dock ramp. Right of screen. Formwork for the retaining wall footing.
    12:09. Easement. Top left. Bottom section of the ramp seen at 8:31.
    14:04. Steel Fabrication Yard. Red oxide painted salvaged section being used for the loading platform columns.
    15:21. GA apron. Top of one of the vaults removed. Height to be rejigged.
    15:51. GA apron. Early start to beat the heat.
    17:04. Eastside contractors yard. Bottom left. Loading dock plugs leaning up against the trailer seem to have been painted in a variety of sample colours.
    17:35. Cathode. South end. Nuts and washers for the hold-down bolts being prepared.
    18:08. Cathode. Bottom left. In amongst the hold-down bolts cleaning out the recess between. Double columns here at another construction/expansion/fire compartmentation joint.
    20:10. New Substation. Spoil stockpile.Hadn’t noticed before how much lower that area is.
    21:05. New tent. Catering?
    23:07. North-south road. Repairs. I wonder if there was some subsidence along the pipeline alignment.
    25:14. Paint apron. Stack of steel studs on the forklift, more on the loading platform.

  6. I loved the opening long-pan of the inside of the West Side. Hitchcock would have been proud!

  7. Thanks for the pre-dawn videos!!! It's great to get a peek at what's going on inside. Maybe one day we'll get lucky and see a pre-production cybertruck!

  8. 11:59 why so few white cars? I know zero on how car manufacturer paint booths work, but you would think that they would run paint colors in batches….. These sporadic white vehicles imply to me that the paint color changes for almost each car and doesn't matter about running the same colors in sequence batches.

  9. Wonder if Tesla needs a canopy like structure over the staging area to prevent damage from hail…

  10. 11:14 I wonder who is paying for all of the rework….. Some of the rework is obvious that they decided to pave an area knowing that they would tear it up later to "finish" it out. But concrete pads? That seems that either a change order was done, and thus Tesla pays, or a contractor mistake/couldn't get done in time and the contractor pays….

  11. Have you heard anything about how fast the 4680 Model Ys charge? Someone on another channel who claims to have inside info was told the charging speed was being limited. Two car carriers were there later in the morning and the yellow crane was moved to the south end of the cathode factory. Those pesky cliff swallows were making me nervous at the north end of the building.

  12. 🤗👍THANKS AGAIN JOE …. Your instructional intro is very much appreciated🤗😍😍😍

  13. Thanks for the informative explanation captions printed in the frames. It gives us a better understanding of what is going on and what we are looking at.

  14. A lot of the space inside the building looks empty. Looks like a big multi-purpose convention center.

  15. An occasional night flight is nice to remind us that most of the progress of this phase is happening inside.

  16. At first I thought, if the factory is running just fine off the current switch yard, then why do they need another one..? Then I wondered if it will have anything to do with the enormous solar power generation that will be back feeding to the grid. I thought I saw somewhere the plans are to cover the entire roof with solar panels except for the letters…?