BREAKING: EAP Coming Back to U.S.!!!

Tesla just this week announced EAP (Enhanced Autopilot) would be coming to Australia and New Zealand. At a USD converted price of about $4,000 USD, this very popular alternative to EAP is a welcome offering from Tesla.

Just today, after this news was widely spread, Elon Musk confirmed that he would bring EAP back to the U.S. market. Now the timing and the final pricing has not yet been communicated but this is great news for Tesla owners and reservation holders everywhere.

EAP offers all the same features of FSD, with the exception of Navigate on city streets and stop sign and stop light recognition. Since Navigate on city streets requires admission into Teslas FSD Beta program, the only missing piece that you would get on day 1 is the ability for the car to stop and go at traffic lights and stop signs.

EAP has been argued to be everything most people would want as it does not include software yet to be final developed in the Beta program. Depending on how Tesla ultimately prices EAP, this could be the return of what I argue is the best value for the money enhanced driver assistance program.

The last price for EAP from Tesla was $4,000, and represented a 50% reduction from the price of FSD. So if the pricing comes in at 50% under FSD today, it would be $6,000. In addition, having EAP means your FSD subscription option would reduce to $99/mo from $199/mo.

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  1. BTG, I had EAP on my 2018 M3 which I recently sold (got a new Y), it was a $5K option in 2018, and added value to the sale of the car. But I have to say, although I miss some of the features, it’s not worth $5K today. Self parking is sketchy. Had I let it, it would have resulted in scuffed curb rash on my wheels. Really not good. Summon is also sketchy. Sometimes it works easily, and other times it just chokes. I primarily used it to back out of the garage. After waiting for it to connect to the car, many times I just gave up and did it myself. Summoning in a parking lot is nothing more than a parlor trick. You could never use it in an environment where other drivers are moving around. It doesn’t respect painted parking lines and cuts through them to get to my location. So, it’s still beta and in my opinion not worth the $5k Tesla will probably be charging for it.

  2. Now that I have my YLR and have taken it on some long road trips, I would buy EAP in a heartbeat. I did not put out the money for FSD, as I am waiting for my Cybertruck. My fingers are crossed it's coming to Canada/US.

  3. sounds awesome…i hope its not too high price?…but wonder wished it was alacart…buy only the options you need…probably won't happen…just like cable tv…pay for only channels you watch…my 2cents

  4. Sign me up! IMO all Teslas should have standard auto back-up to superchargers.. it can be very entertaining watching some squeeze in between cars 😵‍💫

  5. Well,… I would be excited, if I had a Tesla. Still on the wait list, which gets longer and longer. Soon, it will be a year waiting. On the plus side, I will be getting a Model Y LR for a great price. On the minus side, I am still paying outrageous gas prices in California. So, at some point, if my ICE car breaks down, I will have to throw in the towel and buy another ICE car. And, I tend to keep them for 7-10 years. So, yeah. Maybe I’ll finally get a Tesla in the year 2030. But, heck yeah, I think Ehanced Autopilot would be a great addition!

  6. No chance its $4k. This not even 2 years worth of FSD subscription. This would make Full self driving an $8k option since it costs $12K all together. My guess it will cost $8k for EAP in the US.

  7. This is very great news and I hope it’s 4k instead of 6k… 🤞🏼 I’d definitely upgrade for the EAP!

  8. Been saying for years I would be interested in EAP at the right price. Zero chance I’m ever getting FSD for a few reasons.

  9. Naaaaahhhhhh, now that I have autopilot for over a year, autopilot is enough. Only way that it will be of greater value is if I can go to sleep and the car drives me to work. If I have to stay awake then and add pressure to the steering wheel, then what is the point.

  10. Video thumbnail is a little bit misleading. I was excited thinking that it was actually available. A tweet doesn't really guarantee a timeline or if it's actually going to happen but I sure hope it does!

  11. No navigate on city streets is shit, fuck eap fuck Elon and his price increases. Nice video though thanks for this info

  12. I am very excited!!! I do hope it’s coming to the US! I just got my MY three weeks ago and subscribed to FSD. I will miss the auto lane change and self parking when I cancel the subscription until the next time. This will be awesome!

  13. If phantom braking were not such a significant issue with AP I might consider EAP. Until Tesla addresses the phantom braking once and for all, it’s hard to get excited about EAP and the ensuing cost.

  14. EAP was a $5k option in 2018. I like it, but my most used feature is remotely backing up my car from the garage if my wife’s Model Y is also in the garage. I still believe standard AP is enough for most users.

  15. I would think more people would consider 4k than any higher, for me, I would definitely consider, and likely purchase EAP at that price. Also agree with others here, that it would be easy money for Tesla if they do offer it lower. It doesn't cost them anything different, but could get more owners opting for it than at a higher price. Those EAP features are exactly what I'd want, except, it would be cool to have traffiBing. light detection (that reminder bing).

  16. Good News BTG!
    I might struggle to reach the $4k but $6k is out of reach.


  17. $4000 is still a bit much, but on a different note…. Did you see the TSportline Binnacle display? Should try and get one for your Model Y