Tesla Model Y Performance charging at 250 kW v3 supercharger

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  1. Why did you start two of the sessions with about 10% SOC and the one on the right at 6,5% SOC?

  2. So Björn. When will you fly to texas to test the new model y standard with 4680??? Charging stats

  3. Are these batteries not the same as they put in model 3s? That M3 LR and P have been having for over 1-2 years? And if the same, surely they have all the data they need to increase charge speed like they did with these around 6 months ago?

  4. Bjorn, can you add nominal value/ c value for charging, I think it will show us who is faster.

  5. Thank you for your informative content. I've been a petrol head for many years (and I still love a good ICE-car), but two friends of mine gave me a ride with their Model 3 SR+ and then told me about your content. It ended in an order for a Model 3 SR+ that I'm waiting for after having a look at many EVs. Keep it going!

  6. A simpler way to frame the question of charge speeds at higher SoC: in the CV part of the charging curve, what is the float voltage per cell? Like at 70% SoC and 70 kW, is that 4.2V per cell, or 4.1V, or 4.25V? I wonder if any of these EVs are actually holding the cells above 4.2V during charging.

  7. ID.4 charging update does making much faster charging than Tesla. I'm impressed with VW work.

  8. Bjørn any chance you would get to compare the EV6 standard range with some of these Teslas? It’s a pretty efficient car and charges like a boss especially relative to its battery size. Like 3.1 C peak rate in my experience. Could be interesting from a battery cooking speculation point of view. Plus the standard range Kia EV6 is quite an affordable car so maybe more of your followers would be interested in it, I’m not sure.

  9. Looks like the P was always receiving either the same, more energy.
    The centre LR was showing more percentage just because it's essentially a 6% smaller pack. 3:00
    The P is receiving 73.1kW.
    The LR is receiving 71.1 kW.

    73.1 is 2.8% more than 71.1.
    Because the pack is 5.7% bigger, the small pack is gaining at that point.

  10. Do you think that Tesla is going to sell model Y single motor in Europe? I have seen that is possible to order it in Australia…
    p.s. Isabella is very beautiful, she looks like her mother!!

  11. Seems like you put the blue rectangle on the left on the wrong position – it should be shifted one to the left.