Selling My 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance???

In this video, I talk about some of the options and the possibility of selling my Tesla for another project car or keeping this one and having 3 cars. I’ve got a few more modifications I plan on making over the next couple of weeks to the Tesla though. I plan on re-wrapping the side mirrors in matte black, adding a gloss carbon fiber lip to the front and wrap some black accents on the front bumper area around the fog lights, and then adding gloss carbon fiber side skirts. The project car I’m looking at is a 2018 BMW X5M. Tell me what you think. With the rising prices of Tesla, it’s nice to think if I sold the car, that I would have good chunk of change to put down on another car and mods.


  1. Let your wife drive the Model Y and trade in her car so you can get a new project car. Sorry I don't recall what she is driving…