Tesla Model Y First Impressions | Price Increases | Enhanced Autopilot | FSD soon? News 20/6/2022

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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Subscribe
00:24 – Tesla Price Rises
01:57 – Tesla Model Y first impressions
05:04 – Enhanced Autopilot Option
06:11 – Full Self Driving Beta soon?
06:43 – Outro/Support

Tesla price rises

Enhanced Autopilot option for Australia

FSD later this year?


  1. Hey Chris, is the advanced autopilot available for the second hand vehicles too? Great to see you pumping out the vids again mate.

  2. FSD ? Come in spinner !
    I just hope I never get stuck behind one.
    (Do you hate driving THAT much?)

  3. On FSD beta, it sounds so possible this year. If you look at the design studio, you will see the upcoming feature, autosteer on city streets.