Installing Low Profile Mud Flaps for the Tesla Model Y (and a comparison with the larger Mudflaps)

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In this video, we compare the two options of mud flaps for Model Y, and show how to install. Chapter Guide below, if you just want to know how to install them, skip to the 05:14 mark 🙂

00:00 Intro
00:28 Rear mud flaps – Side by side comparison, pros & cons of each
03:26 Bitching about the fit & finish of the Model Y
04:12 Front mud flaps – Side by side comparison, pros & cons of each
05:14 Installing the front mud flaps
06:50 Installing the rear mud flaps
08:31 Removing the trim clips (slightly out of focus!)


  1. It's really nice to have shorter mud flaps that do not get caught on parking curbs. My Volvo 850's factory mud flaps always got caught on parking curbs in parking lots.

  2. I have talked to a few people whose friends or relatives work in the Fremont factory and there is a serious attitude problem and those that have worked there for many years and have accumulated an incredible number of stock options, really just don't care about quality. I live less than an hour from Fremont and with that Tesla could close it down an build another Gigafactory in a part of the USA, Canada or Mexico where people have pride in their workmanship. I own a Fremont Model 3 that was built in August 2018. I have never had a single mechanical problem, but there are a few paint errors and the trunk latch got loose after a couple of months. I was worried about other parts that maybe that were not tightened to the correct torque, but so far so good. I only have 2-1/2 months left of my 4 year bumper to bumper warranty. This car has to last us for as long as I am happy with it. So far so good! The paint is 100% covered in clear PPF, so it looks better that the day that we picked it up. The occasional software updates do make the car feel fresh and not outdated. I ordered it while data was still lifetime and the computer uptake was included with the FSD software.
    I doubt that anyone is going to read this, but Pete you are fortunate that your next Tesla will come from your Texas Gigafactory and not crappy Fremont, unless you are going to spend a ton on an S or an X.

  3. Hi Pete! Happy Father's Day to you in Texas! I know that you've got dog(s) and maybe children with your lovely wife.