Has Tesla Improved The Model Y Build Quality For June 19, 2022?
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  1. If you moved that panel flush, wouldn't everything else be off? We will definitely be doing a quality check.

  2. When you say the back gaps are too large, what should we compare the gap to for reference? Is the gap between the front passenger door and the front of the car a good reference? Should all the panel gaps be the same width? Such as the fronk gap == side gap == back gap width?

  3. Nine to eleven days until my in transit MYP from Fremont will be ready for delivery day in Illinois, holding my breath it's a good one

  4. Thanks for the video, I have to say quality control has increased a bunch since the early 3 series. Mine had a few issues on the passenger side with both doors. The body shop with have to fix it. The drivers side is good. You are right in your vid that the passenger side door misalignment is common.