Giga Berlin | 2022-06-18 | 1000 Model Y per week

More than 1000 Tesla Model Y Performance per week are produced at the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg now.
The new section of the parking lot is getting paved with asphalt (0:30) and the new graffiti artworks on the two staircases are finished now (2:52, 6:50).
The first rows of solar panels are in their final east-west configuration now (5:20) and a new pit has been dug near the supply buildings (10:20). I don’t know what it will be, as there is nothing in the public plans at that location.
More piles have been driven into the ground for the expansion of the stamping section (14:20) and a lot of new production vehicles are gathered in the north-east (15:50).

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1. Broken Elegance – Reflection
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I have the permission to fly over the factory site as well as the industrial rail.

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  2. No energy or mobility crisis in Germany absolutely with same said be true for all of Europe West and East i would imagine and that be true RIGHT NOW absolutely.

  3. Tobias, wiith one shift in operation the 1000 cars per week seems proof positive that somebody has "pushed the button" to set the production line in motion, cranking out one car every so many minutes depending on how many nett production hours are achieved per shift in this initial phase. Looking back, can you define the moment that this button was pushed for the first time and the plant moved from individual car completions/testing/equipment&procedure-approvals to production line-operations?
    I seem to recall that some time ago there was suddenly a lot of cars outside and that may have been the real start of production-line activities: the beginning of the ramp-up phase when efficiencies start to improve and the speed of the production line can be increased.
    The reason I'm asking is that for Austin most if not all of the viewers are already talking about "ramping production" but Elon himself is talking about "tooling up". Hmm.. a fine distinction if you ask me but one that gives credit both to Berlin for actually getting the production line in continuous motion (major milestone) and Austin for getting ready so many activities in parallel compared to Berlin, including cell manufacturing and structural packs, possibly also plastics right from the start.

  4. No colors and to top it all I havent seen a single white interior… TBH what is wrong with them??

  5. Au weia, dass wir wir heute (36-37°) ziemlich heiß in den Fahrzeugen! Mein weißes(!) Model3 wird trotz getöntem Glasdach etc. ziemlich heiß innen. Ich schau schon immer, dass ich auch irgendwie einen Parkplatz finde, der zumindest zeitweise Schatten hat. Nicht vorstellbar, was diese Fahrzeuge bei 17:10 für eine Innenraum-Temperatur haben werden!?

  6. Wem nützen die 1000 Autos pro Woche, wenn nur die falschen Farben raus kommen 🙁
    Ach ich vergaß, Weiß und Schwarz sind ja laut Farblehre gar keine Farben 😉

  7. Hallo Tobias, weißt Du was in den braunen Zelten vor dem Traileryard ( 26:00 ) ist? Lager? Für was? Gruß Jürgen aus Grünheide

  8. Tobias, could you in the future insert text boxes in your videos, with items we see to explain what they are, which we might not be sure of?

  9. Tobias, why do you think the front where the Giga sign has never been finished or the front dirt hasn't been concreted or asphalted yet?

  10. Tobias, do you have any info how much reliance Tesla has on Russian gas and is it end of production if it stops coming?

  11. Solid milestone and quality flight! I still thing progress hasn't been too fast since permits arrived. Battery building coming along – probably will be connected to Drive Unit but casting area still partially uncovered plus – whatever happened the stamping expansion? Kinda stopped.

  12. Mega das jetzt endlich die Ost-West Anlage kompletttiert wird. Dadurch wird Tesla über den gesamten Tag verteilt einen Großteil seines Energieverbrauchs decken können. Das muss dann natürlich auch auf die Zellfertigung. Und ein paar Megapacks als Ergänzung wären dann der Maßstab für den Rest der Industrie.

  13. Hallo Tobias.
    Bei 24:59
    Linke Seite der orangene ist ein Doppstadt Holzhäcksler .
    Wird langsam eng mit dem Hackschnitzel. Verwendet Tesla das selbst für eine evtl Hackschnitzelheizung oder wird es an cronospan oder swisscrono für Spanplattenherstellung verkauft über Remondis?

  14. Excellent video as always.. It has been a while since I watched your video's because I was on vacation.. in Germany..

    The battery cell factory has come a long way! Good to see more solar panels are installed on the roof, the way they are installed is the most efficient on a flat roof in our lattitude, The art on the stair cases is awesome!

    I wonder if the big "Giga" banner in front of the main entrance is a permanent feature or not, I think it is not, but they want to keep your poky drone eyes from what is happening there. Do you also think it will be removed at some point when everything behind it is ready?

    Have you ever seen this double decker charging unit being used? it seems it has now been relocated to the truck entrance in the northwest near the Autobahn. The one that was placed near the area where the Model Y's are loaded on the trucks is not there anymore.

    New food truck site at the east side now, near the paint shop, or was it there already for a while?

    What about all those new Model Y's parked on the main road in the northeast and square parking lot? Are these for sale or are this all still of this pre production batch that cannot be sold? I thought all these cars were moved away from the area?

    Good to see Tesla Berlin is ramping up steadily, over 1000 per week is awesome! I expect the ramping will continue and be kinda exponential, so it could be going quickly now.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Thanks Tobias. Is the bus in the video transporting Tesla factory line shift workers?

  16. Also mit Gras haben dies nicht so, haben die nicht vor 2 Wochen erst das frisch gepflanzt und jetzt ist schonwieder alles verbrannt 🙃🙃🙃