Tesla Model Y Order Update. Tesla Delayed My Car Again!!! 6-20-2022

This is an Update for my Tesla Model Y Order. I ordered this car in August 2021, and as of June 20th 2022 I have an expected delivery date range of July 13-August 10th. 3 weeks ago I added the FSD option to see if that would speed up the delivery, and unfortunaltely it doesn’t appear to have worked! Stay tuned for more updates on this order.

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  1. Texas will start PMY in Jul – LRMY is only from Fremont – Now is the end of Qtr push – a lot of quality issues due to massive push for numbers !

  2. I picked up a PMY on Sat – There are 3 avail “For Sale” in Central Florida !

  3. Do you know whats the other disappointing too? Is when you search online for used MY 2022 – they are all over the place with 5-10Gs mark up on dealerships!!!

  4. I get your resolve hanging in there but come on Tesla! Customers deserve BETTER. Maybe this is one of those dates we been reading about where the dates change again soon and shortly there after you get your vin. Good luck!

  5. Our Model Y long range white/white with the 20" wheels should have been delivered in may, then june, then august, then december and now september. Go figure.

  6. Katie Tran
    7 minutes ago
    Sorry Myks!

    Hanging in there, u’re up next!

    My order is 11 months in the making. Ordered in July 2021.

    MYLR7 Whitt ext, blk int, tow hit, 19 gem, no fsd, n no trade in.

    Got Q2 push text “JUNE” reply 6/14/2021. Vin assigned 6/18. Delivery date set for 6/22.

    Tesla waiting room is a joke; complete dark pit – no rhyme or reason n EDDs are all over the place.

    U will be rewarded for all ur anguish, better Y n less $.

    wishing u and others in the waiting room with delivery vibes.

  7. I met a Tesla employee in April. He ordered his 7 seats in June 2021 and got it in March 2022.

  8. I think your hold up is the same as mine, the 7 seats! I ordered mine in Nov 2021 and it is pushed out to mid July to late August. I have friends who ordered LR (just 2 rows seat) or Performance after me and they all got theirs!

  9. Again, that's unfortunate to hear Myks. Believe me I waited more than 11 months for my model Y to arrive. Ordered in July and taking delivery this Saturday. Let's hope Tesla makes a huge update to the Model Y again so you can stand out among other model Ys that already took delivery. Look on the bright side, I know you and I are gonna have the enhanced Ryzen chip, 12 volt battery, heated wind-shields (hopefully I get this) and more. Patience is sweet man but really hope Elon blesses you this month with your stealth looking model Y

  10. Are you for real bro? You really think that Tesla has it out for you? They don’t know who you are or care when you get your car. They have so much demand that it does not matter.

  11. I bet they prioritize trade-ins b/c they make so much money on them. So they send that text fishing for trade-ins. Maybe I’ll respond to see what happens. Don’t need to commit

  12. OMG this is so frustrating. My dates also changed again this morning. I now have 25 June-04 July from 19 June -03 July. Tesla called last week and said I'll have a VIN by end of this week. We'll see… crazy game!

  13. Sorry bro hope you get your soon!
    I ordered in March this year white model y black interior and the upgraded wheels
    First the delivery date was august to September now it’s pushed back to October to December

  14. Good luck man, I’m hoping my experience is nothing like yours.. still hope the best for you !

  15. It seems that all the vehicles are being delayed.

    My 2500 LTZ Z71 Silverado was projected delivery June 20th. Today my sales man texted me the truck is “pending dispatch” Truck is currently in Michigan. I guess that’s where the GM fabric is. A friend of mine ordered a Tesla Y and it has been delayed 4 times now.

    This thing is crazy!