Top 10 Advantages To Owning a Tesla

Breaking down 10 advantages of owning a Tesla or other EV that other cars can’t deliver on.

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1. Scent Wedge Tesla Air Freshener
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  1. I own a 2020 Model 3 SR+. As a Canadian I was a little worried about the rear wheel drive in the winter, but I surprisingly found that it is better in the snow then any front wheel drive vehicle I have ever driven. I suspect that the centrally mounted battery pack and low mounted electric motor mounting and no heavy ICE engine balances the centre of gravity much better and eliminates the negatives of a trafitional ICE rear wheel drive vehicle.

  2. may be you miss out NO oil stains on your driveway. and shorter time to check the car before long road trip
    being able to carry items that need the boot to be open. and so not get the smell of the tailpipe gases coming into the car while you drive

  3. Gas prices is coming down. Those of u running to electric car, make sure u don’t run back.

  4. Teslas are nice cars but they are overpriced and once you're out of warranty, replacing the battery, motors and other parts will cost you a lot of money.

    Somehow NO Tesla fanboys ever mention that nor do they say if they'll junk their model 3 or actually pay to have the battery and motor(s) replaced.
    It's like they can't think that far ahead.

    Tesla new batteries cost around $26,000 to replace.
    New Tesla motors cost around $6,000 to $9,000 each.

    You can literally buy a brand new car for those costs.
    If you spend that money replacing those parts in your Tesla all the other parts will still be old and need replacing or fixing.

  5. Tesla has power user enthusiast features, which differentiate them from other electric cars, but these 10 are likely the ones appealing to most people convincing them why they need a Tesla.

  6. Hey Ryan, small video request: Could you maybe make a video about your car and driving experience using raw footage, no edits and stuff?

  7. #1 advantage is the low upfront cost-at $15,000 new Tesla sells the lowest cost car in the US today-said no one ever past, present, or future.

  8. 11. With an EV there is no catalytic converter to worry about getting stolen or vandalized. Granted, criminals could try to cut out and steal an EV’s battery pack to get at its precious metals inside, but good luck getting it out without getting seriously zapped (or worse).

  9. Not a Tesla but any other EV sure. Tesla just cost too much now. Chevy Bolt is literally less than half the price.

  10. With an electric car, you’re front loading all of the pollution. I accept that. Even though most power is generated by coal in the US, it’s still a better way to control the pollution at one source, instead of thousands of individual sources. I think it’s a slight advantage in the front loaded pollution. But I didn’t buy the Model Y to save the planet.

    What appeals to me the most is that I never have to wait in a gas line any more and the maintenance is by my estimation less then 10 percent of my old VW. No more oil changes, radiator flush and fills, transmission work ( flushing that or changing the clutch plate), fuel filter, air filter or oil filter changes. Way less brake component maintenance be cause of the regenerative braking on my EV.

    I bought mine for convenience.

  11. An added maintenance is the brake system since it sees much less use you need to swap/service brake fluid every two years because it Can get gunky in the brake lines from really low uss

  12. Great video on the benefits of purchasing a Tesla. I can think of one more. A Tesla is an “investment vehicle”. I ordered my Tesla Model Y Long Range 10 months ago, and have not take delivery yet. My Tesla reservation started out at $53,990, but now it is worth $62,990! So, I feel $9,000 richer. Who knows how long it will be until I actually take delivery, late 2022, 2023?, 2024?. What I do know, is that the value will go ever higher, and I will feel richer every time the price increases. Some day, I hope to be able bequeath my reserervation to my family, so when I pass on 10 or 20 years from now, my Tesla Reservation will be worth millions. 😂

  13. Our Tesla is 240x CHEAPER in "fuel cost"/mile than our BMW – that is MASSIVE. So we can technically power it for about $30.00/year if we don't do long road trips. The BMW COST $90.00 for just 200 miles right now.

  14. What about putting "fuel" back into your "tank" when slowing down – no pure ICE car does that!

  15. I’m not a big on driving for road trips I rather fly but since I’m in love with tesla I’m buying one just for that reason
    The stops and charging etc it’s a lifestyle n if people don’t like it
    It’s not a lifestyle for them simple drive a Honda 🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. The future should be diesel electric a diesel electric car would be incredible two cylinder diesel motor wow with battery back up give me 1000 miles on 2 gallons

  17. For those that live in apartments and condo, there is a newer Culver City, CA based company called Chargie that will install chargers in your condo or apartment garage at no cost. They work with the landlord/HOA and electric company to determine number of chargers and go through regulatory process and installation. The end user subscribes and pays a $15 monthly fee and per kWh fee like at any other charger. Much more convenient than going to a public charger. Just park in your normal space and plug in. One charger may service several parking spaces. This is what my 19 unit condo bldg is doing. We will have 10 chargers averaging one for every 3 parking spots. I can’t wait!

  18. Good afternoon/evening Ryan, hey what are the pros and cons of buying online vs in-person at a Tesla showroom? Thank you in advance…

  19. The (everyone please stand and remove your hats) Ferrari F40 (you may be seated) can do 0-60 in 3.1 seconds.
    The Tesla Model 3 Performance can do 0-60 in 3.1 seconds.
    Let that sink in. Take all the time you need.