***Breaking News 4680 Model Y Giga Texas Production Numbers for April, May, and June Estimate


  1. Think about what is illogically being asserted in this video. First, that a "bare minimum" estimate for May production derived from 3 VINs — an undated April VIN of 1700 and May 23 and 26th VINs of 2139 and 2410, respectively — is 700 vehicles. Second, that the number of cars produced in the first week of June can be obtained by subtracting a May 26th VIN from a June 7th VIN. At least the video implicitly recognizes a problem with the second assertion; it replaces the calculated 665 with 500 for its first week of June estimate.

    And for some reason there was no delivery, so to speak, of the promised VINs observed on June 20th.

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