German VS China made Tesla Model Y Performance range

German VS China made Tesla Model Y Performance range

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  1. I bet German battery suppliers aren’t cheating their customers like Chinese battery suppliers might be

  2. So the most efficient EV can go 224 miles at 70 mph. My inefficient 2016 F-150 can go over 700 miles at 75 mph. Over 3 times as far and takes less than 10 minutes to refill to full. We take several long trips a year with it over 1,200 miles. The most efficient EV would add hours and hours to the trip. When the tech gets better I’ll buy one. It’s not there yet. Maybe in a few years.

  3. Why is the model y getting all the love? I want a 4680 model 3 the Y gets all the updates first

  4. Ordered my Model Y, SR 19" with the 60KWh LFP battery in Nov last year (2 days before the series of price hikes). Received the car in late March and registered it in late April in Shenzhen. (It was the last batch before the Shanghai factory closed for lockdown). After 2500Km, the energy consumption averages 134KWh/km with mixed city/highway. Full charge gets a range of 433km. The MY is better than my 2020 Model 3 SR for economy, comfort and practicality. But for fun, my M3 is slightly better for acceleration (due to the LG lithium battery) and control (due to lower design), which I drive more as it came with free supercharging. Average energy consumption on my M3 after 30000km is 147KWh, so is not as efficient as my MY based on my driving conditions and habits. No plans to sell either as the registration licence (both under my name) is a hassle apply for, and its worth quite a bit.

  5. GGPI Polestar merger vote today. If the vote is passed then Polestar will ring the bell at the Nasdaq this Friday and the ticker will be PSNY.

  6. I ordered my Model 3 RWD LFP with 19-inch wheels in January 2022 and received it 2 months later. I had a BMW, Lexus and Toyota hybrids before but the Tesla is the best car I have ever driven. The acceleration is fantastic, handling is superb and the Autopilot is perfect, I never had phantom breaking.
    It has a 140-147 Wh/km consumption in Switzerland with mixed driving of 50km/h (31 miles/h) in the city and 125km/h (77miles/h) on the highway, which is the maximum speed here.
    The total 6000km average came at 151Wh/km, the last 3000km at 147Wh/km and I floor it as much as I can.

  7. Doesn't the German Tesla use front and rear casting vs the Chinese Tesla only the rear? I wonder if this is just better chassis alignment.

  8. Ordered a Model Y RWD, will be the Chinese version. LFP was a key factor, mild climate where I am, never freezes.

  9. I ordered the Model Y standard range. The LFP battery was a key feature in my decision-making.

  10. I have a 2018 Long range M3 RWD. Pre ordered in 2016. Have 40k miles on it. Still get 310 on full charge. 19’ continentals tires

  11. How can one be so sure with a test sample N of ONE, let alone all the possible confounding factors including wind, temperature and other environmental factors? Unless Giga Berlin has a different battery supply to the one received in Giga Shanghai or other technical changes, this is sensationalistic claim is really questionable. Have a grain of salt!

  12. I ordered a model S… last year in spring. Might get it later this year (i am in europe), but it has been postponed before.

  13. I just saw the Berlin model Y performance with 21inch wheels live for the first time in Helsinki. I thought it was a new model X first. It was so big, and with the bigger wheels all in black it looked mindblowing. Very cool !!!!

  14. thank you sam for sharing, i will test the range and tabulate the results Sam. those sales figures are just that . . . a promotional video. all the engineers here will agree with me when i tabulate the results knowing weight is huge factor also conditions if it is cold or hot, wind condition and direction of wind, day or night rain or no rain. . . . so when i say weight i mean the drivers weight the number of passengers and total weight complete with any luggage or carrying cargo. Sam electric is sensitive to current draw . as for what i am getting from tesla, i want the cyber truck.

  15. a couple of percentage is well within the margin of error, I'd guess. the road condition, the temperature, humidity, wind speed, the meters used for tests, too many factors that can influence test results slightly. do german made model y use lfp batteries? In any case, I'd prefer lfp for longevity, better safty, and carefree charging.

  16. Thanks a lot for this video – specially about the consumption at 120…
    I thought abaut buying a Model Yp (MIG), now I will wait for a Model 3p (MIG)…

  17. With most Western states in the US the speed limits are 75 mph and up. Try going slower and get run over by everyone else and their grandmother! That means that given the degradation in efficiency at 75 mph in the EV tests you site, I would probably want to hold out for an EV that can do over 500 miles on a charge. I don’t want to stop every three hours to charge my vehicle. I drive at least five hours before wanting a break.
    Wake me up when an EV pickup truck comes out that has that range as then I will be interested. Come on 500+ mile Cybertruck!

  18. I made a comment on another video because I seemed to be blocked from the video about Steve Hanley's hatchet job and would like to apologize. I made my remarks before watching your video and I was wrong to call you out for some bad journalism. Please accept my apology. I have long been a financial supporter of Clean Technica and couldn't imagine they would've backed Hanley's slander but you showed that they did and so I have cancelled my subscription to that site. Having opinions is perfectly fine with me even if they go against mine, but this was far beyond that, it was vicious, hateful even and I really do hope his street fighting legal team sue the living bejeesus out of them. Thanks for pointing this out, and your ending was very heartfelt and humane.

  19. Hi Sam, Just wanted to help you improve your presentations. Watts (W) vs Watt hours (Wh). They are not the same thing. That little h after the W is a big deal 🙂 Watts (W) is a measure of Power and Wh is a measure of Energy. For example, An EV moves forward due to Power (W) being provided to the motor by the battery. The Energy stored in the battery or Energy used for the EV to travel 1 mile is expressed as Watt hours (Wh). It's easy to mixed the two up but they are different parameter. Hope this helps.😉

  20. I always found it moronic approach by the governments, complain and say we need to reduce our carbon footprint- and then in the same breath they increase highway speeds from 90km/h ( the most efficient speed- Distance vs Time/energy )-> 100 km/h-> 110km/h -> 120km/h (or more) burning 30-40% more fuel. plus increasing road fatalities., higher cost in road maintenance and more wear and tear on vehicles. all causing a very significant increase in fossil fuel usage and societal impact. All for an insignificant reduction in driving time between point A to B –example of fatality rate : at 90km/h your chance of survival from a car accident is 25% at 100km/h it is 10% above that it near zero

  21. I have a model y lr for 2 years now, it’s great, i can get from sea level over the cascades and make it 150 to 175 miles going 70 with heat blasting even with a car topper. On flat ground I think 250 is possible. Picking up a model 3 tomorrow so we can retire the highlander to strictly camping car.

  22. German version expensive
    Chinese better value plenty
    More importantly buy a BYD Forget tesla