2022 Tesla Model Y | New SUV Tested in Australia |

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The Tesla Model Y SUV has landed in Australia, and Drive gets behind the wheel to investigate Tesla’s electric mid-size SUV

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Pricing & Specifications
01:40 Front Seats
02:39 Back Seats
03:02 Boot Space
03:18 Driving Range
03:37 Recharging
05:11 Weird Features
05:51 On The Road
07:30 Summary

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  1. Decluttering a dashboard by squeezing everything into a central display screen is not innovative. It's lazy, annoying and unsafe.

  2. 5:31 What phone are you using? I’ve tested the chargers with the largest iPhone (Pro Max) and it fit with room to spare. I’m guessing you just needed to find a problem that doesn’t exist.

  3. 'Ride was firm but not uncomfortable'…that puts this reviewers opinion at odds with Chasing Cars, Cars Guide & Car Expert…all who said this was a potential deal breaker because it was unacceptably harsh and uncomfortable 😳