Tesla Model Y 4680 Austin Software Upgrades!

0:00 Intro
0:14 0 to 60
0:41 Austin
0:58 Range
1.35 Limiting
2:30 Charging Speed
3:13 Save
4:30 Mean
5:24 Ratios
6:25 Chemistry
7:25 Osborne
8:14 Standard Range
10:23 Summary

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  1. There was some reporting a while back on a process for a certain way of recharging that improved the batteries. There could be a special online service that checks and renews the battery pack. Tesla probably needs a virus and hacking protection software service.

  2. The idea was to start investing, but I still didn't show a snippet of index funds because of this recent the question is , at what point is it worth starting to invest and how do you know that the drop is coming to an end? Are they exactly these inflation readings..PS. Nice to watch these video,very clear and instructive..👍

  3. GGPI Polestar SPAC merger vote today. If the vote is passed then Polestar will ring the bell at the NASDAQ on Friday under ticker PSNY.

  4. On the topic of potential future software upgrades, one that seems to be well under the radar is the premium sound system for Standard Range cars. It is my understanding that all M3 and MY cars are made with the same sound system capability, even if there is a difference in the number of speakers (I should go and count them). The standard range cars are apparently software limited to "lower quality" sound system. I may be wrong about this but I've heard it from several sources, including my mechanic who specializes in Teslas. This actually came up when I was trying to figure out why the footwell lights in my SR+ aren't working whereas they work fine in my M3P and MY. Turns our they are there and are simply software disabled. Anyway, I would be willing to upgrade my SR+ to premium sound for a reasonable price.

  5. I used the supercharger when I first got the model Y. Now all charging is at home maxed out at 12 kw. So I would not value that charging upgrade as much as someone who travels long distance a lot.

  6. I wonder when Tesla will offer free demos for such features. Imagine you would get a free weekend with increased acceleration. Would you really want to go back, once you had it?

  7. I wonder if in say 4 to 5 years Tesla would have enough cell degradation data from the 4860 cells to then be able to offer a range extension on the "degraded" packs. They might be able to bring you back to original for $500-1000. I'm not sure how this would be in terms of public relations though. It might be something they can offer for free, or they'd need to explain the cost to get the range extension right ie it's not as easy as a line of code that's changed. Tesla have a lot they can do when they build a car with a million mile drive train

  8. I don’t know how to make a profitable investment and trades but I’m thinking if Mrs Valerie!!

  9. I super doubt that Tesla retires any battery cell sizes, anytime soon, as doing that also means retiring the entire ecosystem built around them to make packs, and the battery lines producing the cells, and all of that would mean fewer EVs made. Tesla has to reach the point where they are no longer battery supply constrained for that kind of move, and with Elon talking about replacing the entire worldwide power system…

    I think we might get a range boost, sure, but not a huge one. Once an EV can comfortably do 300 miles and there is a great charging network, a boost in charging speed would be more appealing than more range. And if you can add say 200 miles in fifteen minutes, you become a lot less worried about total range.

    It looks like Tesla will try to avoid the Osborne effect by making the advantages of the 4680 Model Y be software locked behind an extra charge. This will also, of course, improve margins.

    Finally, I expect at some point once Austin is fully ramped, Tesla will convert their Model Y lines at Fremont to Model 3 lines. The cars are close enough, and then there will not be a conflict between the versions of Model Y and Tesla will likely start shipping them unlocked with great acceleration and fast charging and so on.

  10. Faster charging helps everyone by reducing bottlenecks at superchargers. So I think charging extra for faster charging would cause fewer people to adopt it and then Tesla would have to invest more in adding superchargers. The benefit of more cars with faster charging would be greater than the fees collected on some cars, so I don't think this kind of "upgrade" would be worth it to Tesla or the customers.

  11. Yes I agree, we can only underestimate what a bunch of brilliant creative engineers can achieve when they are given the freedom to go for broke!

  12. NMC cells get degraded in 5 ways.
    1 Charging them at 4.2 volts for extended periods of time.
    2 Discharging them to too low a voltage.
    3 Charging them too fast.
    4 Discharging them too fast.
    5 Allowing them to get too warm during charge/discharge.
    Validating how this all happens in the real-world outside of the lab takes a lot of time, over many cycles. Just like FSD, Tesla is taking a risk by putting 4680's into cars now before they have an abundance of real-world data. But they have cleverly mitigated the risk by reducing the high/low voltages and charging/discharging rates to guarantee long life.

    Fortunately, just like FSD data collection, they have the infrastructure to monitor the battery packs and the individual cells in real-time. Allowing owners to increase the acceleration says that Tesla NOW has confidence to allow them to be 4) discharged faster than originally allowed.
    Over time, I believe they may gain confidence in raising 1) and lowering 2) that will increase the allowable range,
    And finally 3) allowing them to increase the charging rate.

  13. Not sure payable upgrades is the way to go. Looks like extra hidden price increases on top of the many retail price ups.
    EV shortage should not drive greed. Will undermine trust. Be happy with the margins of today and maximise production. That was the vision or not???

  14. Could someone explain to me how many 4680 batteries we have today in the Austin model Y? I didn't get that part

  15. I love the idea of software upgrades on the 4680 model Y's it keeps the buyer interested in their car for years

  16. Love the increased charging speed upgrade cost. However, Fremont model y owners may be annoyed

  17. LFP can bd used 0% to 100% without penalty anf Tesla superchargers are so good that 230 miles range is not really an issue

  18. I absolutely don't want to see RWD models in the U.S. Too many snowy states. Just stick with AWD and if you wanna save money then buy last year's model. When will 4680 Y Performance come out 😭

  19. Tesla needs to see the Panasonic’s 4680 spec before showing theirs! Range increase is what I also think the next upgrade will be!

  20. Actually more like buying a house with some of the rooms locked and you have to pay extra to get into them. At this price they should just include the capabilities as this would make the cars even more attractive than they already are rather than feeling a bit grumpy about paying even more to unlocked hidden already payed for features and capacity or performance.

  21. For an economist you have quite interesting views.

    The house analogy would be right if you pay for the WHOLE house but the company who build it locks three rooms that you later have to pay for AGAIN to be opened for use.

    But don’t wait to long unlocking prices are on a constant raise. Because inflation. Haha I don’t like this trend and there is nothing to hype about not being able to use the hardware you bought.

    Don’t get be wrong, I do like improvements and ota updates but I don’t want my hardware to be purposefully crippled when I payed it in full.

  22. Monetizing everything will bring nothing but ill will and hate.
    Tread very carefully here or you will burn down your base supporters.

  23. Regular firmware upgrades seems like a given since over the air connection is a thing. Kinda like cellphones. However.. locking things behind a paywall like some cheap mobile game is wrong and will damage the brand over time unless its locked for a good reason like increasing the life expectancy of the things by alot.
    Id assume acceleration boost is such a thing, you may go faster but it will eat the battery and motors if used to its potential alot. I still think the paywall is dumb tho since you wont use the full boost at every acceleration even if unlocked. Thus life expectancy wont go up by alot anyways and should probably just be just another car setting available.

    Intentionally locking features without reason just to charge extra later is bad.

  24. Tesla could have slow windows by default and charge for full speed. They could charge for the use of the frunk as well. Or maybe charge for each use of the frunk and trunk and windows yeah!