Tesla Model Y review: New electric SUV test in Australia – is it worth stepping up from Model 3? 4K

New cars don’t come much more important or more anticipated than the 2022 Tesla Model Y.

This all-electric SUV is already the best-selling EV crossover on the planet, and it’s finally arrived in Australia where it will compete with a number of key rivals like the Audi e-tron, Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Volvo XC40 Recharge, BMW iX and Mercedes EQA and EQC.

In this review, Tom White got behind the wheel of the base model RWD Model Y, which is just over $70,000 (AUD) and our intention is to get into the flagship Model Y Performance soon (more than AUD $100,000).

This five-seater SUV (there’s a seven seater version in other markets, but not in Australia just yet) offers more practicality than most other midsize SUVs out there, and with the choice of rear-wheel drive (RWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD), it betters some of its direct EV SUV rivals, too.

With driving range claimed at either 455km for the RWD or 514km for the Model Y Performance AWD, and with impressive claims on the efficiency front – plus with fast charging and more recharging options than any other brand on the market, there’s a lot to like about the Model Y.

But is there more to the story? You bet. Watch the video, and read the detailed review, at the link below.

00:00 Intro
00:48 Pricing and features
02:08 Design
04:27 Practicality
08:22 Under the bonnet
09:08 Range and charging
10:03 Driving
14:16 Safety
15:03 Ownership
15:39 Verdict

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  1. Your claimed 6.3 sec 0-100km speed for the base model is way off. It is claimed by Tesla to run 6.9 but has been independently tested at 7.10.

  2. The stiff suspension is due the weight of the car. They could have gone for adjustable dampers but the Tesla philosophy is to keep engineering simple.

  3. $115,000 for the performance version, how could this be the best selling car in AU? Didn't know the average income was 200k a year! LOL

    PS: Model S owner since 2015.

  4. Great review. I test drove the Y. Suspension is firm. I still had to order the RWD. Love it.

  5. Slow, fat and ugly. Should sell well here. Mazda owners will drool over the boring styling too.

  6. Jeez that’s one the worst review I have seen. Where does he collects his data or information from? Totally wrong and poor reflection on real world driving experience. It’s like he collated data from USA and just laying out. And comparing ergonomics with RAV4, what’s that about? Lol

  7. Why don't you come up with two difference figures — (1) is the PRICE which excluded the on roads costs, and then (2) is the COST which is the driveaway price in the 8 states of Australia?

  8. What's the expected battery life? And what is the price for replacement battery when it eventually expires?

  9. I find it boring as a design inside and out. Needs buttons and instruments in front of you. At least give it an HUD. Need the screen to open the glovebox. No.

  10. if the order wait time is a year for this car and if you can afford to wait, I am willing to bet some of the things like ride quality, user interface and performance may be improved a year from now. Tesla is always improving as are the other brands.

  11. The blind spot monitor system should be built on both side mirrors instead on the central display. It should come with HUD as well as the speed display is so tiny

  12. Man….this thing looks like a sad Frog. Interior just plain boring. I guess it'll sell still. It has its place.

  13. Poor review on a Tesla again Carsguide! False info about the white interior, I have the white and have kids and also have friends with the black seats, the white is much more hard wearing then the black, also the wood trim is actually plastic, where’s the white trim is metal, also the FSD is an appreciating asset, it will be solved and legal in Australia within 3 years, as for useing screen on the move I agree but you didn’t mention it has one of the best voice Systems on the market so that’s irrelevant, also seen many German reviews driving Y on the auto barn and it handles better then 3 at high speeds as it’s a two piece giga cast, for a better review check out car expert Paul reviews way better. Speed on screen is something you
    Get used to very Quick. And your almost right about it being Australia’s best selling EV, it will be the worlds best selling car over the next 3 years over taking the Toyota Corolla.
    Get that round your mince pies.