Should you buy this electric SUV? (Tesla Model Y 2022 review)

The Tesla Model Y has arrived in Australia. Is this the best EV on the market for families? At $72,300, it’s already had a price increase for the 2022 Model Y RWD that we are testing today.

Did you order a Model Y before the price rise? Around 7000 Australians ordered on day 1 for this EV that competes with the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, BMW iX3 and Mercedes EQA/EQC. We’re testing the 2022 Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD with 220kW of power and a 60kWh battery for 455km range (claimed).

Chasing Cars does not accept advertising from car manufacturers, and we’re powered by Budget Direct – so this is an independent, honest review of the Tesla Model Y.

Our Model Y walkaround:

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  1. Hahahahaha good luck trying to get around unless you find tesla charging point everywhere AND when all the power stations are gone and wind fans and solar are the go and millions of electric cars are here and no proper infrastruture is yet built for decades to come you'll be lucky to get $10 WHEN YOU TRY TO SELL YOUR EV.

  2. Vegan leather implies it is environmentally friendly! it is polyurethane which is derived from oil production, so is highly misleading.

  3. I think cooling on the seats would be great for Australia and not heating but if i lived in a colder climate the reverse would be true . I guess they will fit what would be the most popular option .

  4. Lacks basic features like HUD, instrument cluster etc. Can't look constantly away from the road to check speed. It is far from ideal especially where you need to change your speed in every kilometer.

  5. Look this will be a great car. So many tiny things to make it better. Yeahm the lack of adaptive dampers on any 3/Y is odd. No buttons for seat heaters in the 2nd row. Lack of suede seat option. No instrument cluster. Dumb door handles. Seriously, Tesla could have a brilliant car here. Cruise is annoying as it just instantly sets it to what i thinks the speed limit is. No inlcuded keyfob, which is still the easiest car entry mode. Even when you order the fob, it unlocks the doors by general proximity rather than the door you are next to. No LR model for Australia. No physical mirror, climate or volume knob is beyond silly. But yes, its STILL the best EV you can buy.

  6. Kinda funny that our ADR'S have a lot of weird inclusions, but doesn't have something like the Speedo being in direct line of sight.

    Is it worth the extra on top of the model 3 Tom?

  7. Well, as for speed checks, we all have glance down, to check speeds, unless you have heads up display !!

  8. At the risk of pissing off the fan boys and girls, my new Sorento is bigger, more seats and the range is double in diesel. At $15,000 less and the kilometres I drive each year, it would take 12 years to pay off the difference in fuel alone. If you have the spare cash, go for it. For my family it will be a few more years until the EV benefit makes sense.

  9. Excellent Review.
    Tesla Needs a HUD or AR in model 3 and Y. Hell even a Driver's Display. Surely it can't be that expensive to add to the budget lineup. (not that it's cheap by any means).

  10. Ok, did not know that ChasingCars was not NSW centric. Maybe you could then list the COST (driveaway) of the car where the videos was filmed that very specific time? If a car review was filmed in QLD then put the QLD cost as the second seen figure on-screen so it subliminally registers in the people's mind that it costs more than the listed price. Just an idea anyway 👍

  11. I think another big issue that really needs to be covered in all EVs is the ability to charge. Ie charging network

  12. 20:52 Enhanced Autopilot is all you need in Australia. It gets all the features FSD has, bar traffic light alert. At half the price. Just wondering what the upgrade from Enhanced Autopilot to FSD will cost.

  13. Very good review. Do you think the ride is worse than the Model 3 or about the same? Is the paint any better? The paint on my 3 is quite thin and stone chips easily.

  14. Why don't ChasingCars come up with two different figures on-screen — (1) is the PRICE which excluded the on roads costs, and then (2) is the COST which is the driveaway price in the 8 states of Australia?

  15. Great review! I love the lift back design – good compromise for the wagon addicts out there

  16. How come Aus regulators shut down what is widespread in other countries like self-driving and mobile signal boosters…

  17. So Tom how safe will this be with heavy hit that massive tablet screen sitting there .?

  18. I own a 2019 Cerato GT and find the suspension and road noise uncomfortable. Is it better than that? FWIW, the Model 3 I drove was WAY better and people complain about stiff suspension on that car too.

  19. 13:55 I'm very glad to see you guys covered this. That went into my own decision making process on my Model 3. Because you can charge to 100% regularly, the range difference between the RWD and higher specs is not relevant. The main factor to fork out the extra cash for the Long Range or Performance on either the 3 or Y should be performance.

  20. Another excellent review, Tom. I wouldn’t touch an electric car personally, but it is good to see the technology improving all the time.

  21. Have a model 3 and model Y on order. Can't wait to make the jump into electric cars…so much more practical!

  22. No mention of a heated steering wheel.
    When I placed my pre-order it specified all models comes with the heated steering wheel. Could you please confirm. Thank you.

  23. Hi Tom,
    I think you should highlight a key difference ( might not matter for all) is the RWD between Model 3 &Y.
    RDW Model Y will have the premium audio system; while RWD Model 3 will have partial premium audio system.

  24. Good review. I'm in the queue already to add to my 3. The "no drivers display" is something you do get used to. The other day I was trying to figure out where the speedo on my wife's RAV4 when Apple CarPlay was showing maps so now I've gone the other way.

  25. Before I hit 50, I had bought so many the future of “____” products. Turned out, by the time the future came, I need the genuine future products. And look for speed from the side, I have to say my driving is not good enough for this car with a smile too. Very informative review though.