Gas Saving: 2022 Tesla Model Y 4680 vs 2021 Toyota Highlander AWD

2022 Tesla Model Y vs 2021 Toyota Highlander Gas Savings
860 Miles driven used 290 KwH
Highlander would have used 37 gallons of gas @ $4.80 per gallon costing $179.45
vs Tesla cost $42
Saving $128 in 10 Days


  1. Now compare the initial purchase cost of each vehicle plus insurance. A rough estimate would take many years to come ahead with the Tesla.
    I’m super jealous of your Tesla lol but can’t justify them any more at the current pricing.
    Great video though!!

  2. have you taken into account the battery replacement that will cost as much as a new car? whereas a toyota could touch even a million miles ( literally forever) with basic maintenance.

  3. Not only the gas savings, but the savings on nearly maintenance and repair free for the 4680 Tesla! Smart and Congrats!

  4. Just curious are you measuring energy drawn from the wall directly or just going off what the car shows? If you just use the car info, it won't account for charging losses(8% or so on a 240v home charger) and phantom drain/other energy uses while the car is parked.

  5. Please redo the experiment with regen. Make sure the battery is 100% before regen is applied. For example have someone to tow you up a hill and then going downhill apply brakes. Then there will be no doubt.

  6. it is the same Europe I'm saving 70% charging at home and even more with solar panels!

  7. Big Facts. I sold my Ram 1500 after two weeks of owning the Model Y Performance. I’m saving $350-$400 per month. I’m only buying a Hybrid or Electric truck. Hopefully the Cybertruck.

  8. In Canada highlander starts at 45k+tax. Whereas model y starts at 86k+tax. The break even point will be a long ways away…

  9. Gas saved, sure! But what about the increased car payment? The increased car insurance? In the end u end up spending the same. What u are saving in gas, you are paying it in extra car premiums 😉

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