"Framing Finished" Tesla Gigafactory Texas 7/22/2022 9:34AM 4K Model Y

The Cathode Factory construction did rapid framing of the structure. It was topped out today with a tree and flag. Workers group up to install more solar panels. Everyday now there are cars carriers loading up Model Ys for deliveries. Ground leveling continues where the grid scale batteries are going to be installed.
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  1. Brad, I like the flight path you took for this video… Is that new? Never paid that close attention… I liked it. Fine job. SoCalFreddy

  2. Was that a Christmas tree near the American flag on top the cathode plant? It looks burnt up. Harsh conditions. Great respect for the workers. Power of the human spirit!

  3. Great music choices. Amazing to see the frame structure now complete. Thx

  4. Great video Brad. Is GT car production running 2 shifts or one? M to F? I bet this plant will be humming once they optimize 4680 battery production. Sooner the better.

  5. Sure would like to know who the subcontractor is that's doing the work on the cathode plant. Once the foundation was laid to mount the vertical beams these guys laid the steel in an EPIC manner! Wow!

  6. Frame of reference with audio is a must. Production numbers and ramp up speed also needed. Otherwise just flying over stuff without telling us what it is

  7. Hopefully solar panels are ready to go for new building. Lack of audio comments is a negative.

  8. There are approximately 380 MYs at south end parking ramp this AM at video opening, plus 18 or so around at building south end charging station. I counted. So, tell me again what the weekly production rate is now?

    But placing sod on dry dirt in 105 degree weather. What's the over-under odds it's dead-brown within 4 days?