2022 Tesla Model Y Info and the Current State of Used Tesla Market

The Model Y is considered by many to be one of the best battery electric vehicles on the market. In fact, some automotive experts consider it to be one of the best passenger vehicles you can buy, gas or electric. After one spin you will understand why. Based on the popular Model 3 Sedan platform the Model Y is about 15-20% larger and in a crossover SUV body giving you more interior and cargo space as well as a high up commanding views of the road. Acceleration from the dual motor powertrain is smooth, powerful and amazing; you could leave a lot of performance gas cars in the dust with the Y. If you have only driven gas cars, be prepared to experience one of the smoothest, quietest and comfortable vehicles you have ever driven. The zero G seats are very comfortable with no pressure points and the Autopilot system will minimize driver fatigue by taking over a bulk of the driving workload with you just paying attention.